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Updated on: 10/12/2023

11+ Best Free jQuery Image Gallery & Lightbox Plugins

jQuery image gallery and lightbox plugins are used for images in many variations. It attempts to display images with the help of modal dialogs (make images pop up ), and it is trendy and straightforward to implement. 

Imagine your website has a lot of pictures, and you want them to look organized and friendly. These plugins are the best solution for crowded photos on websites. 

Specifically, you can get remarkable free jQuery image gallery and lightbox plugins for HTML (such as Bootstrap). These add-ons make your website look good and work well by integrating with HTML and Bootstrap. 

Thus, jQuery Image Gallery and Lightbox plugins are the way to go if you want your website to stand out and keep up with the latest trends!

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Best jQuery Image Gallery and Lightbox plugins

Below is a collection of handpicked top 11+ free jQuery and JavaScript lightbox and image gallery plugins to enhance your website’s visual appeal and user experience.

VenoBox 2

VenoBox - JavaScript Light Box Plugin

It suits inline content, images, iFrames, Vimeo, Google Maps, and YouTube videos. The significant difference associated with many other plugins identical to this is that VenoBox computes the max width of the displayed image and reserves its height if it is higher than the window.

Download and Demo

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Magnific Popup

Magnific Popup - jQuery Image Gallery

Magnific Popup is a responsive kind of lightbox & dialog script that concentrates on performance and works to offer the finest experience for users with any device. Users can include HTML content in every gallery item and combine content types. You can also enable the lazy-loading of images for the next image depending on the move direction.

Download and Demo


Image Lightbox

Image Lightbox - jQuery Lightbox Plugins

This plugin is an abstinent, minimalistic, extensible, configurable, responsive, and touch-friendly Android, iOS, and Windows Phone compatible lightbox plugin. It works in a way that it silently preloads subsequent images, applies CSS transform and transition, and interacts with the keyboard.
Download and Demo



Fancybox- jQuery Image Gallery

This plugin provides a beautiful and sophisticated way to include zooming functionality for HTML content, images, and multimedia to display on your web pages. This is created on the top side of the prevalent JavaScript framework, jQuery, and it is simple to implement and a snap to customize.

Download and Demo


Feahterlight - jQuery Lightbox Plugin

Featherlight is exceptionally lightweight, consisting of 400 lines of JavaScript and 100 lines of CSS, lower than 6kB combined. You need not be fooled by its small footprint; it is responsive and innovative, supports images, iframes, and Ajax out of the box, and users can adapt it to their needs.

Download and Demo


Fluidbox- jQuery Lightbox module

This distraction-free, fluid lightbox permits linking to a bigger-resolution image. With more excellent resolution, it manages linked images stylishly in a way that preloads them when you click on the thumbnails, thus preserving bandwidth used for visitors and server(s).

Download and Demo


Chocolat - Free jQuery Lightbox Plugin

This is an image gallery and free jQuery lightbox plugin that is powerful, light, and simple to use. It allows you to show one or many images retained on the same page, for which preference is left to the user to combine various pictures as a link or allow them to show as thumbnails.

Download and Demo

jQuery lightgallery

jQuery LightGallery - Free jQuery Image Gallery

jQuery lightgallery uses a CSS-only technique for resizing images and videos; hence, it will be tremendously flexible and noticeably quicker than JavaScript. It offers built-in modules, like full screen, thumbnails, zoom, etc. Making your modules and detaching modules you don’t need to use is simple.

Download and Demo



baguetteBox.js - JavaScript Image Gallery

This is a simple and easy-to-use plugin written in JavaScript with no dependencies required. It supports swipe gestures on touch-screen devices, has a modern and minimal look, and supports CSS3 transitions.

Download and Demo

Visual Lightbox JS

Visual Lightbox JS - jQuery Image Gallery

This is a free wizard program that can assist you in effortlessly making web photo galleries using an excellent Lightbox-style overlay effect. This is accomplished in several clicks without composing a single line of code. You need to drag and drop your images into the Visual LightBox window. Later, press “Publish,” and a web gallery with attractive LightBox 2 effects will instantly be displayed in the browser.

Download and Demo


This plugin not only supports images but also adds support for Flash, videos, YouTube, and iFrames. This is a full-blown media lightbox whose setup is simple and fast. Also, the script is compatible with all leading browsers.

Download and Demo

rlightbox 2:

This jQuery UI media box can show several kinds of content like images and YouTube and Vimeo videos. This has several exclusive features, such as Panorama and Live Resize, and it is ThemeRoller ready.

Download and Demo

Final Word

These mentioned lightbox plugins not only support images but also provide support for iframes, videos, websites, and any other kinds of content with CSS3 effects. It will also alter the presentation of the image or video based on the resolution of the screen accessible on the device used.

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