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Online Image Compressor

With this online image compressor, it is super easy to compress your JPG or PNG images at a fast speed. This is a browser-based image processor that helps you compress your images with a negligible waiting time. The best thing about this image process is that it is secure, private and works offline with zero limitations. Moreover, you also don't harm the environment because there is literally no carbon emission in the process.

Reasons Why You Should Use Online Image Compressor

There is not one but many reasons why you should use this instant image compressor tool. Firstly, it is highly user-friendly, so you will be able to understand and use it even if it is the first time ever that you are compressing an image. Apart from that, we have a lot to offer through this image compressor.

No Upload Limits

This tool allows you to upload unlimited images and compress them without any limits or restrictions, Free unlimited alternative to TinyPNG

100% Free and Private

Absolutely free and you can rest assured that your images will be secure because they are delivered directly to your browser.

Compatible With PNG, JPG & More

It is compatible with various formats, including JPG, and PNG and we plan to add more compatible formats.

Superfast Speed

Your image processing is done at a super fast speed no matter the type of compression and the type of images that you use.

Works Offline

You don't need a working internet connection in order to use this tool. So, it allows you to compress your images anytime and from anywhere.


We resize your images automatically to offer the best results with high quality.

Upload by Selecting or Drag Images

You can either drag and drop or click on the Select Files button to upload your images for compression. You can choose multiple images at once for compression.

step image

Change Quality If Needed

Once you have selected the images they will automatically compressed. You can change quality and recomress if you want, change quality settings and click Reompress to start the Recompression process.

step image

Download Compressed Images as Zip or One by One!

Once the compression is done you are able to download all the compressed images at once without having to download them one by one.

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