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Updated on: 10/18/2023

11+ Best Free jQuery Image Slider and Carousel Plugins – 2024

jQuery image sliders and carousel permit you to embellish your website in a sophisticated style. These sliders not only assist you in making beautiful image sliders for the websites but even let your websites appear distinct from the rest. It assists in managing the images and screenshots on your website in a much enhanced manner. We have curated a list of 11+ Best Free jQuery Image Slider and Carousel Plugins for that.

Slideshows are now an essential element of a complete business website. Sliders and Carousels represent services, products, or important business messages to website visitors. And, if you’re into web animation, catch our previous guide on the Best CSS and JavaScript Animation Libraries.

Free jQuery Image Sliders and Carousel Plugins

Today, explore the handpicked collection of 11+ free jQuery image sliders and carousel plugins—perfect for enhancing your website’s visual appeal and functionality. Dive into the world of dynamic web design!


bxSlider - Free jQuery Image Sliders

bxSlider stands as one of the most popular and widely used jQuery content slider plugins. The configuration/markup is straightforward and offers extensive options, providing complete control to its users. Similar to other plugins, bxSlider also boasts rich documentation, making it easy for users to get started and maximize the potential of this versatile slider solution.

Owl Carousel

Owl Carousel 2 - Free jQuery Image Sliders

Owl Carousel stands out as a simple and feature-rich carousel slider jQuery plugin. It is a touch-enabled slider plugin with extensive documentation and many demos. I highly recommend utilizing these plugins for most projects, as they offer simplified yet feature-rich sliders to enhance the visual appeal and functionality of your websites.


FlexSlider - Free jQuery Image Sliders

FlexSlider is a fully responsive jQuery slider tool with options for custom navigation, fade animations, horizontal/vertical slides, and numerous slider support. The slider is supported in all key browsers and is compatible with the recent jQuery version. Upgrade your website functionality with the “10 Best Free JavaScript & jQuery File Upload Plugins.


UnSlider - Free jQuery Image Sliders

Unslider is renowned for its fluid, flexible, and minimalistic characteristics. Leveraging HTML in your slides and extending with CSS, this slider stands out for its simplicity and versatility. Despite its unusually lightweight nature, weighing in at less than 3kb, Unslider offers a range of options to customize your slider, providing a seamless and efficient solution for dynamic and visually appealing presentations.


ajSlider - Image Sliders

ajSlider is a slideshow jQuery plugin that can be implemented as the primary webpage banner or as an image gallery. To run it, you must add the js files, start jQuery, and later add the image tag and anchor tags inside the ajSlider div.

Jssor jQuery Slider

Jssor jQuery Slider

This image slider is a responsive, fully functional slider that offers good performance. It is an open-source plugin with unlimited opportunities to present to its users. It also provides over 15 slider options as well as touch support.


Turntable.js - Responsive jQuery Slider

Turntable.js is included in the category of responsive jQuery slider, which allows you to rotate over a list of images when your mouse sweeps over a container.
It’s the latest substitute to the usual ‘click-to-slide‘ JQuery gallery; apart from that, the slider works on mobile, too.

Elastic Slider

Elastic Slider

The elastic slider comes with a fluid content that will adjust the width and height per the parent image’s size. You will notice that content will exist in the sliding area, and a navigation tab will also be presented at the bottom side.


Pgw Slider

Pgw Slider - Free jQuery Image Sliders

If you aspire to showcase images with a decent fade effect on a webpage, opt for Pgw Slider. In utilizing this open-source project, you gain the flexibility to adjust captions at the bottom of the slide, enhancing the overall visual appeal and interactivity of your image presentations.


jcSlider - Free jQuery Image Sliders

This responsive image slider jQuery plugin effortlessly accomplishes tasks using CSS animations. With this plugin, there’s no need to compute sizes or distances; instead, simply remove and add classes to elements, seamlessly animating them for a smooth and visually appealing user experience.

Zoom Slider

Zoom Slider - Free jQuery Image Sliders

This image slider is a straightforward content slider that incorporates depth-like zoom features. In this context, each slide possesses a predefined zoom part that is utilized to calculate the appropriate scale value, ensuring a full-screen fill for an immersive and engaging user experience.


A-Slider With Audio Support

A-Slider With Audio Support

Using this image slider, you will be able to slide images and also the contents. You can add audio to every slide because this slider provides audio support. Users can avail themselves of the free download and make a difference to their site.

WOW slider

WOW slider

WOW is a highly responsive slider that not only provides touch swipe support but is also search engine friendly. Its significant features encompass attractive skins, killer effects, and CSS fallback.

The free jQuery/Javascript image sliders mentioned above change the look of your website to make it appealing. It would help to try any of these to make your website look unique and attractive.

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