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Updated on: 10/8/2023

Contact Form for Static HTML Sites with Form API and Backend

There is a saying, “Old Is Gold,” which perfectly matches the rise of static websites. It’s back in style and rocking again; this time, it’s more vital than ever. 

Both small and considerable businesses are operating static websites and their extended gifts. Static websites use basic vanilla HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to create a website without libraries, plugins, or frameworks.

However, many developers prefer to build a static website using – Static Site generators such as – Next.js, Gatsby, Hugo, Jekyll, Nuxt.js, and More. The great thing about a static site is you can host a static site for free with CDN, all the essential features you need for a robust website.

Contact Form for Static Sites


A static website scrapes excessive complexity and focuses on enhancing efficiency and implementation. The trends in web development are changing daily, but the most common thing remains the desire to have a high-performing website. 

Besides, the developers are constantly pushing websites to achieve more while adding more features to apps and sites where they can meet new demands.  If you are more curious about static sites, you can check out this awesome resource about static sites by sanity.

But, when it comes to adding dynamic and fully working forms such as – contact, appointment, or booking. You must develop your own form solution from scratch or use an API provider.

9 Best Tools to Use Forms on Static Site

Here, we handpicked some amazing Best Free Form API and Backend Solution Providers for Static Sites. Let’s have a look at them. 


Formbold - Complete Web Form Solution For Static Websites

Talking about forms for static sites, we first have FormBold, a robust form API and serverless form backend solution. It operates with all hosting platforms and frameworks. You can receive form submissions straight to your email inbox, slack, telegram, notion, and more here. FormBold is a free, complete Web Form Solution for Static Websites. They are proposing a worthy free plan for investigations and personal projects.

FormBold also has a free drag-and-drop form builder that lets you make as many forms as you need. No coding skills are needed — it’s easy and fast. Share or embed these forms on your website; they work smoothly on all devices. Plus, connect your forms with apps like Google Sheets, Telegram, Slack, and more to streamline data collection from your visitors.

Also, you can merge numerous email addresses beneath your parent account and use any of them for your forms to acquire submissions. By doing that, you will be notified with submitter data when you receive new submissions.

FormBold uses a server-side instrument to ensure submissions are spam-free and all messages are end-to-end encrypted.

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Formspree - Form For Static Sites


Formspree is the contact form for statistic sites and is also key for almost every designer. This form has powerful JavaScript forms has both CLI and react library. With this form solution for the static site, you can extend your production forms with the CI/CD. Also, Fromspree offers simple HTML forms for your static site and a form button that can easily pop up forms.

There is no need for server code, around 500,000+ freelancers, agencies, and Fortune 500 companies trust Formspree. All you have to do is first use your front-end code and submit it to their API. Then they are gonna handle the rest.

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getForm - Form For Static Sites

Getform is a contact form solution for statistic sites with smart form endpoints for developers. Here, you will not find any library cause they don’t provide any, so no dependency is needed. You can easily integrate your HTML forms with all major development frameworks, JAMStack, no-code, and CMS platforms with Getform. Also, you will not face any difficulty handling from the form backend.

Getform has some amazing and powerful features and integrations. It helps you construct workflows utilizing your submission data. Moreover, You can activate autoresponse emails, mail Webhook requests, count a spam filter, and do more using automation actions. The panels of Getsform will help you view your data in Table and smart view formats.

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Formspark - form solution for static sites

Formspark is an absolute form solution for static sites. It’s a resolution for agencies, freelancers, developers, and marketing teams. Here, you will not need any Javascript, but will support your back strongly. Within a few steps, your form will be ready to use. With Formspark, you can easily collect your data with a few clicks. Moreover, you can customize your redirect URL, success page, error page, email template, and more. This static site form has some Out-of-the-box modern design. 

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FormKeep is the only multiple-form backend for static sites and HTML sites. This contact form doesn’t require any iframes or Javascript libraries and is ideal for developers and designers. You can use your HTML forms or build one right here. FormKeep has amazing features such as automatic spam filtering, sending notification emails to everyone, Connecting to Google Sheets, Slack, and more. This one can also handle images and attachments. FromKeep is perfect for when you need to start collecting information now.

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Formcarry - form for HTML <form>

Formcarry is a working form for HTML <form> that helps you to collect submissions from your own design. You can build a completely functional HTML <form> in a few minutes. Also, this HTML form offers a hassle-free setup with all significant development frameworks. Also, there is no reliance on collecting submissions with Formcarry; moreover, it is easy. Formcarry comes with the best features that you’ll ever need in your form. You can upload your HTML form without any configuration. 

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FieldGoal - Form API and Backend

FieldGoal is a working form for HTML sites that provides form endpoints as a service. The form of this working form solution is simple and elegant which will keep you stay simple. Here, you can build your form according to your choice. 

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Basin - Static Sites Form Builder

Basin is a Contact form solution for static sites with super easy integration.  Now, you don’t need to depend on others, any particular library, or any extra configuration. All you have to do is point a form at Basin and let them do the rest. This one will help you create on-brand forms in the front end and manage backend processes with just a few simple clicks. Also, Basin offers no more manual spam scrubbing.

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With Kwesform, a working form for HTML sites, one can easily build JavaScript forms or any dynamic forms. You can build all these without leaving your HTML, like frontend validation, hide/show logic, multistep forms, and more. The rest of the work, like javascript, backend validation, email sending, and processing, will be done by Kwesform. The script of this form site is small yet powerful and comes with the most features in the market. 

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