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Updated on: 12/5/2023

10+ Platforms to Host Static HTML Sites for Free

A static website contains a series of HTML files where each one represents a physical page of a website. Therefore on static sites, every page is a separate HTML file. While visiting the homepage, you are seeing the original homepage file.

Basically, static web hosting carries fixed-content, HTML-based websites that represent the related data to all guests. As there are no back-end methods, client-server demands, nor database queries required in delivering a static website, it displays fast performance with its servers always ready with HTML outputs.

Additionally, it can add a caching feature to reduce delays. Static websites give extra protection than a dynamic website. Also, the server can manage traffic loads due to the decreased quantity linked with static files. Including all of these perks, static websites pull their strength from their absolute purity. 

By the growing fame of static site generators, a lot of services have come up offering you to free html hosting to host a static website for free. We have brought together this handy list of hosting companies and free services for you.

Let’s discover some of the best platforms where you can host your static website for free with all essential benefits.

Top Free HTML Hosting Platform


Netlify  - host static html website for free

Netlify is allowing an extraordinary collection of features that are beneficial for hosting both static websites with single-page apps and advanced commercial web projects. By Netlify, you can print web projects from Git repositories without complex setups and server maintenance. Even you will be able to preview the entire site to see how your website looks before publishing it. If you have an open-source project then Netlify can grant you its premium plan for free to host it. 

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Vercel - Host Static Website for free

Vercel is a feature-rich platform that allows developers to create, presurvey, and deploy their sites as well as serverless functions with ease. The all-in-one platform of Vercel gives both JAMStack and Static website deployment. Moreover, it needs no configuration and operates with any type of web framework. Also, Vercel offers fast site performance with scalable and simple deployments. 


CloudFlare Pages

Cloudflare Pages - Host HTML Pages for Free

Cloudflare pages is one of my favorites when it comes to hosting static HTML sites, all our Tailwind templates are hosted on CloudFlare pages. If you can combine Cloudflare pages with workers, you can run advanced web apps too.

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Firebase - host static html website for free

Firebase is a good option for production-based static site hosting. With the strong support and oversight of Google, Firebase provides mobile and web application developers with tons of tools to move quickly online. Firebase also gives custom domain hosting & SSL in the free plan itself. Besides, you can pick a paid plan to improve storage and bandwidth limits.

DigitalOcean App Platform

DigitalOcean - host static html website for free

Digital launched app platform that allows you to host 3 static sites for free, that also includes other essential features you might need.

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Surge | Free Static Website Hosting

Surge - Free Static Website hosting

Surge.sh is not much popular like the above platforms, but it allows you to host unlimited static sites with everything you might need to run the site. They claim themselves as static publishing platform for developers.

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Statically - Free HTML Hosting

Have you been looking for a CDN for your open source project? Statically has been built for this very purpose. With servers located all over the world, there is a good chance that it will be the fastest one for you.

With Statically, you can optimize your open source project, and it will load faster. Statically has a CDN for your static assets, so your open source project will load even faster! Statically uses 3 CDN providers to determine the fastest server near you. It’s time to make your open source project shine on the web!



Statically - Free static html website hosting

Render gives automated and constant deployment and proactive cache invalidation for zero downtime instances. Also, you can attach unlimited collaborators and teams for free, so you can get their help in managing the site. Moreover, Render offers Pull Request Page Views automatically to enable you to test changes and view them before publishing.



Gitlab - Free static html website hosting

GitLab implements hosting for static websites directly from GitLab.com hosted repositories. Also, lets you plan them to custom domains. The extra benefit here is that you can have unlimited private repositories for free if you choose GitLab.com. Moreover, GitLab offers an excellent CI system for free. Which can be accustomed automatically to build almost any reasonably static site generator. 


Github – Host Static Sites for free

Github Page

GitHub enables you to host static websites straight from your GitHub repository. Also, allows you to plan them to custom domains. Since having public repositories on GitHub is free, you get to own free static website hosting using GitHub pages. It can also convert simple markdown formatted content into websites. For the other static site generator, you can use a CI service like Travis or build the positioning on your local box so push the built site to GitHub.



000Webhost - Free HTML Hosting Provdier

000webhost is one of the most common free html hosting providers. Here you will notice a cPanel, a WordPress auto-installer, website builder tool, etc. Additionally, the platform promotes PHP, MySQL, CSS, JavaScript, etc. Also, there is no space for unwanted ads by the service provider. The 000webhost offers you service as its servers use high-level firewalls with DDoS protection that assures the protection of your website. 

FreeHostia – Free HTML Hosting Platform


FreeHostia is an extensively used web hosting platform with many superior features. It has easy to install features, adequate disk space, and bandwidth. Besides, the platform gives a user-friendly cPanel, inbuilt scripts installer, load-balancing cluster technology, advanced security, etc. Freehostia’s load-balanced cluster platform is more active in comparison to conventional shared hosting setups. Also, the hosting service is much secure as FreeHostia has ultra-fast and safe servers.



Awardspcae - host website for free

AwardSpace is a free high-end server website hosting provider. The best part is that it is ad-free and you don’t need to place rejected ads on your website. However, with AwardSpace easily you can start your website to get hosted. Just sign up for a free website hosting account, pick any of the two CMS, and do the installation for the same.



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