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eCommerce HTML Bootstrap 5 UI Kit

eCommerce HTML is a Bootstrap 5 based eCommerce UI Kit, crafted for almost any kind of eCommerce Web Projects. It comes with 300+ UI components, 120+ sections, 30+ pages and 10+ ready to use homepage templates. It features refreshing, clean, and the modern design also comes with a complete design system so, you no need to scratch your head while building your UI. eCommerce HTML UI kit is a fully eCommerce-focused UI kit, you will need nothing else if you are working with an eCommerce project this is gonna be the last UI kit you need. It\'s coded in a block-based structure, every single section/element code is well-documented, provided SCSS files and documentation files. So, you can customize depending on your needs easily and extensively. Also providing Figma design source file beside HTML5/Bootstrap coded UI Kit, if you are working with an eCommerce project. Your work is here 80% done! The booming interest in UI kits has grown day by day and so that we developed and designed this UI kit for an eCommerce web applications. There is a lack of HTML eCommerce templates with plenty of UI elements and options. With tons of pages and elements, you can discover several WordPress and CMS themes full of features. But for a plain HTML or Bootstrap, you can find a few templates or UI Kits. With a complete design and all essentials elements, we bring you a plain Bootstrap UI kit that will help you to develop your complete ecommerce web project.

300+ Elements:

This UI Kit comes with 300+ components that focus especially on eCommerce. Also, these UI elements are clean and practical to give you hassle-free work with a simple copy paste option. Moreover, they can help you to build your custom template or interface.

150+ Sections:

For your eCommerce web app UI, we have 150+ sections that are focused on eCommerce and business. With these sections, you can customize or build your personal or official user-interfaces or templates. UI Kit Elements: For explaining the basic style guidelines, we offer you some of our best designs and UI systems. From typography to Buttons, Navbars, Alerts, Display, and many more, you can have all of these with this UI Kit.

10 Templates:

Here, we are offering you 10 ready to use templates that are built with this HTML UI Kit. With these ready-made templates, you can complete your projects within a snap.


If you are not understanding the features or having a problem with any kind of issue, we have the solution for you. Here you will find any kinda doubt or question you have about this UI Kit. Also, this documentation will help you to get started with the UI Kit.        

Update Logs 1.1

  • UI Kit updated to Bootstrap 5 beta 2
  • Vanilla JavaScript (no jQuery)
  • Updated Icons to LineIcons 2.0
  • Restructured Menu System for Better Experience
  • Speed Optimized
  • And Much More …

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Released on: 20/11/2020

Last Updated on: 03/07/2022

Built with: Bootstrap 5

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