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Submission Guideline

Submission guideline designed to ensure a minimum standard of all items. Although item approvals reside with the  reviewer, following these guidelines will minimize the chances of your item being rejected.

  • Items must be built using Bootstrap 4 or newer and HTML5.
  • Items must follow Bootstrap’s infrastructure, fundamental elements, and the bootstrap’s native standard grid system.
  • Items must maintain a necessary level of design quality and vary sufficiently from the default Bootstrap styling.
  • Items title must need to follow the naming convention [title] – [subtitle] Eg. Margo – Free Multi-Purpose Bootstrap Template.
  • Item Preview Image¬†is 750X480 Pixels, Max size 1 MB and therefore should display properly with these dimensions.
  • Item Demo¬†URL must be Direct link to the demo without any iframe or advertisement.
  • Items Source code,¬†Documentation and all text must be written in English.
  • Items must be compatible with all major browsers.
  • Items must include basic documentation.
  • Items must free of any console/javascript error.
  • Items must display properly on popular mobile devices and desktop screens.
  • Item sellers must provide basic support.
  • Third-party assets used to build your item must be properly licensed or free for commercial use

If you have any question please, drop us a mail: hello[at]content.graygrids.com or use contact form

Note: If we receive any DMCA notice or can detect any copied template was submitted, GrayGrids reserves all rights to remove your items or suspend your account without any prior notice or warning.