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Using Tailwind Templates

Downloading Templates

You can download all available templates that are available under big bundle by visiting your account anytime you want as long as you have an account with us.


We use plain HTML and Tailwind CSS to create all our Tailwind CSS templates, and a few Vanilla JS scripts and Alpine JS for interaction (like slider, video and image popup etc).

Directory Structure

Here is the structure of download folder of your Tailwind CSS template.

|-- Template Folder
    |-- src
    |    |-- css
    |       |-- All CSS Files
    |    |-- js
    |       |-- All JS Files
    |    |-- images
    |       |-- All Images
    |    |-- partials
    |       |-- HTML Common Sections Like Header, Footer etc
    |    |-- index.html and All HTML Pages Files
    |-- All Config files

If you want to customize template just go with src folder here you will get all files.


As we need to install our dependencies we need to have NODEJS installed in our machine. Then we can install via run the command below after the downloading file.

npm install

After installing the packages you can view the template in any browser or edit the template by using the dev version to use the dev version just give this command in project root. And then it will automatically open localhost:3000 in your default browser

npm start

Deploying to server

To deploy your template on the internet you have to run the command below, and then you have to just upload the build folder to your server.

npm run build