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Published on: 3/6/2022

Tailwind CSS UI Components for Startup and SaaS Websites

Tailwind CSS is a modern CSS framework that can be used to rapidly design some of the most impressive as well as contemporary websites. Using Tailwind components, you can build just about anything and customize it as per your taste in no time. You can make perfect websites with the right typography, color choices, spacing, and consistent design to ensure that the outcome is a well-engineered website, thanks to the ready to use component snippets. Moreover, Tailwind components makes sure that you don’t design the same website style twice. You have the option to change the styles and structure to give a different look to a different project. 

Why Tailwind Components and Advantages

You can use various free Tailwind components for building your website. Using Tailwind sections in your website offers a host of benefits. Let us check them out one by one! 

  • High Performance: The size of the final CSS is never too big because Tailwind automatically takes away all the unused CSS. Hence, the CSS bundle is small to the extent that most of the Tailwind projects are not more than 10 kb of CSS. 
  • Highly Responsive: Tailwind UI builder is almost magical when it comes to responsiveness. It lets you build amazing designs that are responsive right in your HTML. So, you don’t have to worry about how it would look on a mobile phone or a tablet. 
  • Easy Customization: Tailwind code snippets allow for easy customization of literally everything that exists on it. You can change the color palettes, the spacing, the shadows, the mouse cursor, and much more. So, you have the opportunity to transform it completely and adapt it to your own CSS framework. 
  • Extremely Modern: The best thing about Tailwind is that it is highly modern. It takes advantage of all the latest features of CSS and ensures that the developer can enjoy the designing process as much as possible. Some of its interesting features include composable transforms, gradients powered by CSS variables, CSS grid support, support for modern state selectors such as focus-visible, and much more. 
  • Intelligent Editor Tools: Tailwind CSS provides an extension called IntelliSense that can help you work with VS Code. It offers smart suggestions for autocomplete, class definitions, linting, and much more. You have everything integrated with your editor without any need for extra configurations. 
  • Quick Building With Ready-Made Components: Tailwind UI components lets you design your website rapidly because it offers a huge collection of fully responsive UI components, designs that are beautiful, and everything that you need to make a modern website. Several templates are also available to help you adapt them easily to your website ideas. 
  • Possibility To Have Dark Mode: If you are designing a website, you also need to keep in mind the people who would be checking it out late at night on their phones. That’s when having a dark mode comes in handy. Moreover, enabling it in the configuration is super easy, and you can make it work on text colors, background colors, gradients, and even border colors. 

Introducing TailGrids

TailGrids has been created by same team behind GrayGrids, our goal is to make best and one of the largest Tailwind UI library. TailGrids is not an ordinary UI kit. On the contrary, it is a revolutionary, cutting-edge Tailwind UI builder meant for Tailwind CSS that can potentially change your perspective on the ways in which you can create a high-quality, responsive and beautiful web interface. With TailGrids, you can enjoy more than 300+ handcrafted and expertly designed free & premium UI components that come with a super easy copy-paste interface. Hence, if you seek a complete Tailwind UI solution, your search ends at TailGrids!   

TailGrids Core Features

Here are some of the main features of TailGrids that you can expect from this revolutionary UI component library: 

Over 300 UI Components

Beautifully designed essential UI components that exceed 300. You can easily copy-paste and use these components with any new or existing Tailwind CSS web project. 

Copy-paste UI Builder

TailGrids offers a super easy-to-use interface of copy-paste without any kind of dependency. For instance, you can copy a snippet of your choice and paste it wherever you want on your Tailwind project. 

Figma Design Source File

You will be provided with a full Figma design source file according to your plan. Hence, you can use this file to experiment, adjust, play with, or prototype according to your needs.  

Example Bonus Templates

TailGrids offers its users some ready-to-use templates that can simply be copy-pasted. These templates created using TailGrids UI components and can be shipped with your download package, where you can use them on your existing Tailwind projects. 

Refreshing Design

TailGrids offers a refreshing, high-quality, and clean design so that your end users can get a lot of positive vibes from your web project. This consistent and clean design maintained by TailGrids follows all the modern trends so that you can reap the maximum benefits from your upcoming web project. 

Based on Latest Tailwind CSS

TailGrids is based on the cutting-edge Tailwind CSS 3.0 as well as AlpineJS’ dynamic handling of interactions. Hence, you can expect it to be super minimal yet powerful enough to provide you with the best possible developer-friendly experience. 

Fully Responsive

One of the best features of TailGrids is that it is fully responsive. Moreover, it is compatible with all the latest browsers, and every single element of TailGrids has been tested on the major browsers as well as mobile screen sizes to ensure the best experience for developers. 


The number one priority of TailGrids is being developer-friendly. Hence, their focus on developer experience is what makes TailGrids so amazing. The entire library of TailGrids has been designed, organized, and coded in a manner that increases productivity and saves a lot of time in the process.           

Universal UI Toolkit 

Finally, Tailwind CSS offers developers the unique advantage of using the same code snippet with essentially any library or framework. This includes Vue, React, and much more. In addition to that, this saves a lot of time as developers will not have to rewrite the entire component all over again.  

Diverse Collection of UI Components

The UI Components of Tailwind CSS are all-inclusive and super easy to use. From landing page heroes and newsletter sign-up forms to feature sections, Tailwind CSS offers all kinds of UI components that you need to create beautiful websites. Categorized into 5 major categories such as:

  1. Core Components
  2. Application Components
  3. Marketing Components
  4. eCommerce Components and
  5. Dashboard Components

These categories have further subcategories that you can check out on the official website at Tailwind CSS Components page.

It is noteworthy that all these components are super flexible and easy to use. With hundreds of components, you can expect expertly crafted, professionally designed, and fully responsive example components to customize your Tailwind projects according to your needs and fancy. The best part about TailGrid’s UI components is that they can be tailored to your heart’s content as much as you want. Hence, you can adapt them to your liking so that they fall in line with your web project.

You can check out the free preview components of TailGrids or browse the category examples that most touch your curiosity to get started immediately. Also all components from Core UI category is 100% free and open source hosted on GitHub


As is evident, TailGrids and Tailwind CSS combined we created a revolutionary UI library using so developers can make their web projects super attractive, responsive, and user-friendly. Moreover, the wide array of Tailwind sections and Tailwind components, in addition to the Tailwind UI builder, makes it easy for developers to adapt their new or existing web projects using state-of-the-art and minimalist yet powerful templates. It is also pertinent to note here that the amazing UI components of Tailwind make it a walk in the park for developers to create beautiful web projects effortlessly. 

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