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Updated on: 12/13/2023

Top 11 Product Hunt Alternatives to Try in 2024

Are you trying to launch your new product or a tool? Or do you have a startup that you would like to launch on the internet? Are you looking for product hunt alternatives to help you launch them properly? If yes, you have come to the right place. You can take advantage of product launches with other websites like Product Hunt.

It is true that launching your new product, startup or any other tool appropriately is an important first step to ensuring success and reaching out to the right audience. A good launch refers to the coordinated and planned efforts of a business to debut its new product, tools, or services into the market and make it available to people for purchase.

How Can A Good Product Launch Help You?

A good launch for your product, services, and tools or startups can be helpful in many ways. Firstly, it informs the prospective customers and draws their attention. This leads to the generation of demands and also creates brand loyalty as well as awareness.

You can focus on your old customers as well as the new ones. It also allows you to provide early bird offers or pre-bookings. All this can be very helpful for your business in the long run. Therefore, a good launch is an important prerequisite to your success in the future.

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Moreover, when you tell a story and share it with the community, it can attract more customers. Let us understand why building a community is important for the success of your brand!

Importance of Launching on Community

Best Alternative to Product Hunt

It Brings People With Common Interests Together: When there is a group of people with common interests together, it can strengthen your brand image. Moreover, it helps you reach out to more people who have similar tastes. Word of mouth also plays an important role when you build a strong community.

A Community Cares About Each Other: The brand image automatically gets strengthened when people belong to a community that cares about each other and its common causes. Further, it leads to brand loyalty.

They Have Common Goals That They Can Achieve Together: A community can strengthen the brand when they all work together to achieve goals that are common to them all.

With the help of tools such as resource.fyi and others, you can do it the right way. Here, you can find a brief description and characteristics of each of these product hunt alternatives that can help you provide a good launch.

Top Websites, Directories, and Communities Besides Product Hunt to Launch Your Next Product, Startup, and Tools πŸš€πŸ‘‡

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Top Product Hunt Alternatives of 2024

Check out these awesome websites like Product Hunt to launch your stuff in 2024. Choose the platform that aligns with your needs, and get ready to showcase your innovation to a thriving community of tech enthusiasts.


Resource.FYI - Best Alternative of Product Hunt

Resource.fyi is a great interactive platform that can help you find appropriate resources, tools, and products that have been specially curated for designers, tech professionals, developers, and marketers. You can explore, contribute, and support this product hunt alternative that has an ever-growing collection of distinct internet resources that have been handpicked for tech enthusiasts.

The best thing about Resource.fyi is that it is not just another website with resource listings. On the contrary, you can easily interact on this platform as an end-user. The platform currently has submission, bookmark, and upvote features but it plans to enhance them with time and have more ways of interaction such as comments and rating systems.

Resource.FYI is completely free and your submission will be approved almost immediately!


Indie Hackers

Indie Hackers

Indiehackers.com is another great Product Hunt alternative that can help you connect with developers who share the revenue numbers and strategies behind their side projects and companies.

On this platform, you can stay informed about the latest happenings in the world of tech and get amazing market insights that can prove to be valuable to start as well as grow your business over time. On Indiehackers, you can also learn from the founders and connect with individuals who are growing and starting their own companies.



BetaList - Similar site like Product Hunt

BetaList is another amazing community of early adopters and makers who exchange feedback and showcase their startups. This online platform essentially enables its users to discover as well as get early access to all the latest internet startups.

In addition to that, this platform allows entrepreneurs around the world to advertise their startup launches to their target audience and early adopters who are always ready to offer their feedback. BetaList is situated in the Netherlands and is a great Product Hunt alternative if you have been looking for one. Typically they don’t approve if your submission is unpaid and queue time long.



Reddit - Forum based Product Hunt Alternative

Reddit.com is a growing network of varied communities where individuals can easily dive into their hobbies, passions, and interests. This community essentially deals with anything and everything you might be interested in. It is an American social news aggregation, discussion, and content rating website. It is another great Product Hunt Alternative.

On this platform, you can access a massive collection of distinct forums that allow people to share content and news as well as comment on them. When we talk about product hunting, it actually refers to curating the best products daily. That is just what Reddit does. It can help you launch and establish your startup in no time as well as get your very first users!

Notable Subreddits to Launch Your Startups:



news.ycombinator.com - Feature your startup

news.ycombinator.com most prestigious one and hardest to get featured, is a social news website that focuses on entrepreneurship and computer science. This website is run by a startup incubator Y Combinator and an investment fund. In general, the content that you can submit on this platform is anything that gratifies the intellectual curiosity of a person.

This social news website works simply and focuses on programming, tech, and development. On this platform, users submit their content and then, if other users feel that it contributes or adds value to the ongoing macro discussion, they usually upvote it.




Submit and Compare software, apps, and SaaS . This is the most comprehensive, up-to-date directory of software solutions. Find the best software or service providers for you and read reviews. Compare and select the one that is right for you.



Startup Stash - Directory of tools

A directory of tools, resources, and other helpful websites for entrepreneurs – plus you can submit your products, tools, and startups too. This is also similar website like Product Hunt to launch your product smoothly.



LaunchingNext- Best ProductHunt Alternative

Publishes the newest, coolest, and most innovative tech startups and projects. You can submit your startup for inclusion on LaunchingNext. Consider it as another great product hunt alternative to launch your tools and startup.



CtrlAlt - Launch your tool

Find the product that’s right for you. Submit a product or tool to be included in their directory.



Sideprojectors - Similar Website to Product Hunt

Find a new side project or buy one, sell your side project or find a buyer, discover awesome products and services from other sellers, share your products with the community. Find the right project for you or your company with a list of awesome projects. Learn how to sell, share, buy and discover side projects.



SaaSWorthy-Product Hunt Alternatives

Find and compare top software for your business with Product Expert. Compare reviews, pricing, features, usability, and more to find the perfect software for your needs. You can also submit your products too on SaaS worthy. This is also one of the best alternative on our list of top product hunt alternatives.



BetaPage - Similar to Product Hunt

Tech lovers is a community where you can browse, search, or submit your tech products too. They share and promote these products so that we help our members to find what they need and make their lives easier.



AlternativeTo -Product Hunt Alternatives

Find detailed reviews, comments and recommendations on software and apps with alternatives, Check out reviews to compare software, and find the right one for your business. You can submit your products as alternative too.


To sum up, it can be said that a good launch is key to the success of your product or services. Therefore, doing it right with the help of the best product hunt alternatives mentioned here can take you a long way. Moreover, you can use some of the resources without spending any extra money. So, it is just perfect for you.

Remember that building a community and communicating with it is super important. It not only creates brand awareness but also enhances brand loyalty.

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