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Updated on: 12/12/2023

10+ Best Free No Code Tools You Must Try in 2024

In the early ’70s, computer programs were written manually by specific code languages. The primary language of a computer is binary and all of the codes are written by this language. So, if you don’t know how to write code language, then you couldn’t use the computer at that time. But now it’s not true anymore. You don’t need to learn code language or programming language to use a computer. Developers found a new way to build a program without any programming language and that is the No Code tools.

What is No Code?

A no-code development is a coding platform for building software applications without any coding. This modern and encouraging alternative to conventional software development for non-technical business users aspiring to create their private full-fledged applications. They use drag-and-drop, adding ready–to–use application components, and so on to create a website, database web, and mobile apps.

So, with no code, a non-technical guy can develop technical projects that would otherwise require developers.  

Why should one use No Code Tools?

No code comes with numerous benefits as it is easy to use and allows non-programmers to draw out apps or workflows quickly. No code is really fast and that’s why it is earning fame. 

Previously building a simple app used to take weeks or months but now it takes more than an hour or a day. Also, the tools they provide are automatic and easy to use so you don’t need to learn anything extra about how to use them. Without any coding language, one can easily use these tools cause they mostly include drag-and-drop features.

Though this is a software application that often requires constant changes to add many features, No code has no such confinements. So you don’t need to be concerned about the update process and stuff. On the other hand, a single person can build up an app within an hour without any developer or expert support. Therefore, you won’t have to pay for a large team of expensive professional developers.

Here we present you with some amazing No Code tools that you must try in 2024. Anyway, Let’s not pull the topic anymore and jump into the details.


FormBold - Free No Code Tool for Form Building

FormBold is a free-form tool that allows you to create fully functional and dynamic website forms without coding. They’ve tons of ready-use form templates that you can use depending on your needs, the way of using FormBold is very simple. All you need to copy-paste an endpoint URL on your existing web form and the rest is handled by them. If you are looking for a complete and no-code web form solution, FormBold is just the perfect choice.

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Bubble - Build App without code

Bubble allows you to prototype a whole app without knowing any programming languages.  With a visual kit of components, this tool allows you to build and launch a whole app in hours with proper efficiency. Also, it is functional and easy to use and comes with a lot of options for functional customization. 


Voiceflow - free no-code tool for voice apps

Voiceflow is a free no-code tool that develops voice apps for some renowned and big companies like Alexa and Google Assistant. Also, the features that Voiceflow has, one can prototype on the browser or try it on the actual voice device and upload it with just a click. Moreover, the drag-and-drop blocks help to develop the induction and construction for quick application development. 


Webflow - No Code Tools for website building

Webflow allows you to build a professional and responsive website. With this platform, you can make any website you want without any knowledge of coding. Also, it has the feature of customization and ready-made templates so you can build anything from scratch and enjoy your fully responsive creation.   


Carrd - Build Landing Page Without Code

For a simple one-page site or landing page, Carrd is suitable for you. Though it’s a website builder like Webflow,  this platform has so many quicker and easier ways to build a website. You can customize your website with the templates and it’s all free.


Scapic - no-code platform for online stores

Scapic is a no-code platform for online shopping stores. This tool has AR Designs that are easy to capture customer’s attention. Also, the artistic templates support dragging users and a better CX for users, and a great way to increase conversions. Moreover, Holding this flashy AR feature gives Scapic a value-added tool for the eCommerce store and to start a new business enterprise.


Parabola - no-code platform for automation

Parabola is a no-code platform for integrating data into automation and connecting apps.  This tool makes easier the alliance with APIs external databases, and third-party payment gateways. Parabola is a suitable data management tool for your team. Also, CRM workflows, eCommerce tasks, metrics reports, and automated email marketing applications use parabola for their development.


Zapier to automate

Zapier allows users to connect different app platforms and automates workflow. Companies like Twitter, Slack, Dropbox, and Shopify use many of the common tools of Zapier’s automation. To produce more productivity, Zapier can be a fantastic tool. Also, that will help you to save time by automating these processes.



Airtable is a spreadsheet and database hybrid tool that is excellent for beginners. This tool is mostly used for project management and allows you to cooperate with your co-workers which makes communication easier. Some popular platforms like  Netflix, Buzzfeed, and Medium work with Airtable. So you can choose it without any hesitation.


Typeform - no code tools for creating forms and surveys

Typeform is a no-code tool for creating forms and surveys. This tool comes with a rich UI and conversational approach to collecting pieces of information. Also, it’s easy to use and smooth to get started. Typeform offers a free plan with professional and convenient forms for leading to high conversion rates.


Makerpad - animations tool

Makerpad is a platform for adding animations by just picking up the elements. Here, you have the color options too where you can play with it as you want. Also, Makerpad offers design interactions and animations without code. So, without even thinking about any code one can develop complex interactions and animations with this tool.


Gumroad - no-code platform

Gumroad is a no-code platform that allows the creation of podcasts, illustrations, and many more things. For non-IT organizations where one needs to build a digital presence for advertising purposes, this tool is suitable for them. Also, you can create an online store or a workflow for an organization with Gumroad.


Thunkable - no code tool for programming techniques

Thunkable is no code tool for those who are not conscious of programming techniques. This is a simple drag-and-drop builder that will help you to develop intricate features for your mobile app. Also, Thunkable comes with a user-friendly interface, powerful features, and many more.

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