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Published on: 6/10/2016

How to Install Bootstrap HTML5 Website Templates

Installing a bootstrap template is not like WordPress or CMS theme installation, actually, installation keyword does not go with bootstrap template. Why? because you don’t install anything, yes bootstrap or HTML templates are automatically rendered by the browser. All you need to place the template folder in proper web host directory and name the initial page as index.html that’s it!


Editing a Template

Before all that you have to edit your template and place your own contents by replacing old demo contents, in this case, you will need a code editor such as – VScode, Sublime Text, etc. When template editing is done using editor, save the files and folder and go ahead to upload template files on live server.


Uploading to Live Server Using FTP:

1. First of all, If you don’t have your template on your computer, download a bootstrap template to get started, when download/purchase complete you will get a package like this screenshot (after unzip).



2. Package comes with docs and other addons so, unzip the download package, you’ll found a¬†folder with all template¬†files, like above¬†screenshot.



3. Now, login to your hosting control panel or FTP client, such as: FileZilla, CyberDuck etc. and upload template files on your server root.


4. Once all files are uploaded, go to www.yoursite.com/index.html you can see your the homepage, make sure the initial page is named as index.html

FYI, I have recently published an article on Bootstrap HTML5 Speed Optimization; You may check it to speed up your Bootstrap based website-> 11 Great Tips to Speed Up Your Bootstrap HTML5 Website

If you are still confused about any steps, feel free to comment we are here to help you.

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