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Published on: 9/4/2020

15+ Best Free Bootstrap UI Kits to Simplify Your Web Design Journey

Wanna design your own web app or website? But have no tool or time to do that. This is where the Bootstrap UI Kit comes. UI Kit is a set of graphic files with HTML UI components that can help web designers create UI for their application. It simplifies your task by creating outstanding visuals in a prescribed time. Basically it’ll save your time and help you focus on your essential task, make your designs easy to change. Have it and enjoy your opportunity to learn.

Bootstrap is a powerful toolkit that is originally created by Twitter. Basically it’s a free front-end framework. A Bootstrap theme is a package containing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript-based design templates for Typography, Tables, Forms, Buttons, Glyphicons, Dropdowns, Buttons, and Input Groups, Navigation, Pagination, Labels and Badges, Alerts, Progress Bars, Modals, Tabs, Accordions, Carousels, and many others.

On August 19, 2011, Bootstrap officially released. After that people got attached to it especially web developers. They found it flexible and convenient. Its responsiveness draws all this attention cause it can maintain several browser consistency. It’s easy to use and fast to learn. After using Bootstrap, Web developers feel free about their designs and also run the sites as fast as they can. The current stable version of Bootstrap is 4.x.x and Bootstrap 5 is knocking at the door, you can check out our Bootstrap 5 Templates collection to try Bootstrap 5 Features before the stable version get released.

Let’s take a plunge on some Best, Trendy and High-quality Free Bootstrap UI Kits to save your time and Simplify Your Web Design Journey. Hope that you’ll find yours too.

Ayro UI is free and premium bootstrap startup UI kit comes with 400+ UI elements, 150+ sections, refreshing design and all you need to kickstart a startup website. Each section comes with multiple variations so, you can choose a section from multiple version depending on your startup philosophy. It’s also packed with 3 different full-featured example templates, so you can get started easily in no time.

If you are looking for a trendy, high-quality and feature-rich startup UI kit Ayro UI will be the perfect choice for you!

Ecommerce HTML Bootstrap 5 UI Kit

eCommerce HTML is a complete UI kit specially made for eCommerce web projects. It comes with hundreds of elements and 150+ eCommerce focused sections you can use for eCommerce web projects. Its UI is so impressive and packed with everything you need to build UI for a complete project. The great thing is it is based on the latest version of Bootstrap 5 and comes with 9 example templates as well.

Lindy – Free Bootstrap 5 UI Kit

Lindy is a free UI kit based on the new version of bootstrap 5. This kit is designed for startup websites, landing pages, and SaaS business user interface. For your upcoming startup website or landing page, Lindy can be your go-to partner.

Bootstrap 5 UI Kit
Lindy is a free UI kit that is based on bootstrap’s new version that is 5.0. This new version comes with all the latest features and elements for your landing page or website.

200+ UI Elements
Lindy has 200+ UI elements and sections for your upcoming startup website or landing page. Moreover, this UI kit’s elements are distributed on 15+ different pages.

Crafted for Startup
Lindy is specially crafted for startup websites, landing pages, and SaaS business user interface. For your better user experience in a startup-related UI kit, Lindy is there for you.

Clean, Simple, and Flat UI
Lindy has clean, simple, and flat user interface components. You can use these in your project for making it beautiful.

5 Example Templates
Lindy offers 5 ready-made example templates for your upcoming startup. You can easily use these templates with just a copy-paste option.

Tons of Sections
With 100+ sections, Lindy is suitable for any kind of project. So, you can use Lindy for your project without any hesitation.

Easy To Customize
Lindy is super customizable and comes with a block-based coding structure with different SCSS/SASS files.

Fully Responsive
Lindy is a fully responsive UI kit and it doesn’t bother by any kind of browser or device.

Free Future Updates
Lindy also gives you free future update with many more options for a lifetime.

Design Source File
To follow the design system, Lindy comes with a Figma source file that makes life a lot easier.

Free and Premium Versions
Lindy has both free and premium versions for helping you with your project.

Helium – Bootstrap 4 UI Kit

Helium is #1 Free Bootstrap UI Kit available on web right now . This awesome UI Kit built with latest version of bootstrap 4.0, comes with 100+ ready to use UI components/elements, delicate design and cutting-edge technologies. If you are looking for a full-featured UI Kit for free, Helium is unbeatable choice!

Material Design Bootstrap UI Kit

Bootstrap Material Design UI Kit is the most popular UI KIT for building responsive websites and apps – free for personal & commercial use. It is created with Bootstrap 4 version. It comes with 25+ complete pages, 100+ UI Elements, CSS3 Animations and many more. It is widely Customizable and Developer Friendly.

Anchor – Bootstrap UI Kit

Anchor is a free Bootstrap UI Kit with completely flexible components that can use to create templates and websites. The latest version of the UI kit helps to make a faster website that is fully responsive to any device. It is designed and developed by Sal. It features modern and colorful designs. It’s easily customizable and has numerous components.

Shards – Bootstrap UI Kit

This High Quality and free Bootstrap 4 UI Kit is for web developers. It is lightweight and responsive. It comes with 2 extra complete landing pages, 11 custom components and more than 1500 icons both from material and font packs. You can use it to kick-off the next project.

Pixel – Bootstrap UI Kit

Pixel Pro- Premium Bootstrap UI Kit will help you to make your website Polished, Generative and Modern. It has over 1000 Beautifully crafted and creative components. 50+ sections like Navigation bars, pricing cards, footers and many more sections to enhance page variety. 17 Handcrafted Pages to show you how stunning pages can look like.

Froala Design Blocks

Froala Design Blocks comes with Over 170 responsive complete design blocks for your web or mobile apps. Based on the Bootstrap Library, they are the building blocks for beautiful websites. As an HTML5 and CSS3 library, the Froala Design Blocks is no exception. Froala Design Blocks helps developers and designers to speak the same language.

Flat UI for Bootstrap

Flat UI Kit Free is a popular Twitter Bootstrap Framework UI kit, This UI Kit comes with all essential elements you need for designing web UI or prototyping powered by Bootstrap.

Material Kit – Free Bootstrap UI Kit

Material Kit is a Free Bootstrap UI Kit with a fresh, new design inspired by Google’s material design. You asked for it, so we built it. It’s a great pleasure to introduce to you the material concepts in an easy to use and beautiful set of components. Along with the restyling of the Bootstrap elements, you will find three fully-coded example pages, to help you design your next project.

WrapKit Lite

WrapKit Lite is a Free Bootstrap 4 UI Kit. It contains 17+ Readymade Interface Sections, 1+ Amazing Pre-Built Landing Page,25+ Essential UI elements. It lets you create stunning websites, landing pages, coming soon pages, homepages and many more. For Bootstrap 4 , this kit has a Responsive CSS Framework.

Startup UI Kit

Startup UI Kit is based on Bootstrap 4 and it is Fully Responsive. With this UI Kit, you can make your polished landing pages. This kit includes 50 UI cards in 10 categories to create your own unique layouts. It’s very easy to expand and build upon the included templates. 

Argon Dashboard

Argon Dashboard is a FREE DASHBOARD FOR BOOTSTRAP 4. This Open Source Dashboard has so many components that will make it a breeze to build your amazing website. This dashboard comes with over 100 individual components. Each element is well presented in a very Complex Documentation. With the Pre-Built Example Pages, You will be able to quickly set up the basic structure for your web project.


MDB 5 UI Kit is the Latest Bootstrap 5 & Material Design 2.0 Kit. The Kit includes 500+ material UI components, Super simple, 1-minute installation, Plenty of free templates and many more. Besides Plain Java Script it also works with jQuery. MDB has Lots of tutorials and Plenty of free templates.

Bootstrap 4 Creative UI Kit

Bootstrap 4 Creative UI Kit is a Free Collection of Responsive Web Blocks. The UI Kit established above Bower, GulpJS and Sass. It has Unlimited combinations and easily customizable. It can create responsive websites with predefined HTML web blocks. All web blocks, scripts and styles are available out-of-the-box.

Stream UI Kit

Stream UI Kit is An amazing Open Source Bootstrap 4 UI Kit. The kit has 5 beautiful complete pages and 20 reusable and customizable UI Blocks. It comes with detailed documentation for a quick start. All images are used from Unsplash and we included 100% all image sources in our download package.

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