10+ Tips on Selling More Bootstrap Templates and WordPress Themes in Marketplaces

Now your build Bootstrap templates or WordPress themes are ready to move at the marketplace, so what next? Problems are raised widely at this stage like bit of confusing as well. You might wonder to decide how to sell this or what things you want to sell.

Firstly you’ve to ensure that your themes are always arrived with something the buyer can actually understand like what it stands for. Marketplace constantly depends on the value of first impression which comes from the buyer or sometimes developers, the quality design, potentiality, support and much more. No one let their items thrown out from the buyers mind because of its troublesome.

But there’s just one problem which makes too many ways. Although you’re promoting or marketing efforts which isn’t creating almost adequate interest for your theme. So what you could’ve done another way and what things can you fix right now? However, you seek complete power over your themes and do not wish to share your profits or having own marketplace which will not possibly be a better idea.

Without having a market place there is lots of way out but if you don’t build your products on the right way, you must suffer in the long run. You need to follow some tips below which will bring you the ultimate success guide of increasing sells in different marketplace.  Now I’m describing the fact:


Good Persuasion

Presentation is the craziest thing which always makes people aware about the idea containing. Especially for those persons who wants their theme on the top of the theme store or the market place like ours. Everybody wants a better sale on their theme and willing to build a better conversion rate. Actually good presentation brings the key idea of the product, also containing impediments and advantages that reached a user completely a final decision like they want this product right now.

Why this happened, because the user already knew about the good or helpful things in it. When you present a theme or template in the marketplace or store whatever you like, you must think about what things you want to show them first either it’s good or bad. It could be your better features, new improvements, some different terms and many more you may include. Sometimes showing bad things becomes nuisance, so better you leave it or mention at the end of the presentation.


Recognize need

When you work with a theme where the designers put the amount of thought into making the subject far more simple for a developer or fundamental site owner to customize it without any hassle. So minimum equalization is required here between offering an excess of customization alternatives and excluding enough things.

On the other hand, think your client is a fellow designer or developer, who doesn’t care less how your subject looks, on the grounds that he will be modifying it to his customer’s necessities? Then again is it and marketer who’s searching for a one-page site and all he thinks about transformation advancement?

Now we have to say that both are looking for a perfect theme to fit their actual needs, however they are in fact expecting an absolutely different set of benefits from the theme. So don’t just guess how your client is. You just have to manually reach out to your first client. Let them say what kind of things they want in their theme or website. This will give you the necessary information to move further and help you to configure the structure of your primary efforts around their qualities.


Optimize Loading Speed

Doesn’t matter what CMS you’re using, speed is always become a factor. Without taking the right safety measures, think your journey is end up with a smoke. It doesn’t only harass for repeat visitors but it’ll cause you to drop subscribers as well as customers. No matter what kind of site you’re running, marketplace, themes store or your favorite site whatever service you’re giving. For better traffic you always need to keep a hawk eye into this option.

Nobody wants to be loser and no one ever wants to see their site is dying. That’s why you need to take some defensive steps by following few important things such as, use a better hosting, choose or built a perfect theme, use an effective plugin to ensure security, cache. You should optimize your image which you use in your site otherwise you can use a content delivery network (CDN). Remove unused elements from your homepage to load faster and I think it’ll create a better impact that you never imagine.


Quality support

When you successfully approve one of your themes on any kind of marketplace, you have to be the most responsible person ever. Do you think why? Because support section is the only thing to understand the needs and your template is never devoid of problems. So you need to be more careful on these terms because once you product lost its rating. And the funny thing is that the marketplace owner never keeps a hawk eye on your product, they just see whether the buyer is lost or alive.

A good Support helps to keep your journey alive and also helps to run on its own goal. Active support sections get the reputation from the marketplace and turn their sells funnel into a high volume. Your buyer is the only and only weapon of your better sales funnel. If you please them with your outstanding time to time support, marketplace is only yours.


Easygoing Documentation

Writing Documentation for any markup, scripts, and style code is one kind of nightmare to the mass developers. You must assure that you product should reflect on this documentation likely easy to read or understand. It’s not only for you but also for a complete stranger. An in detail documentation will helps the buyer to get the most outcomes from this product and bring the best out of it. The goal must be to get people acquainted with your code that is easy to read and use it perfectly. Remember one satisfied buyer is the key to unlock the other buyer.


Sell on alternative marketplaces

Different mind lives in different places, that’s why one place never able to give you the exact feeling of doing the same thing again. You’ll meet different type of audience’s expectations but your product is devoid of it. So your sells funnel is down and your business will close. To prevent this situation, you must jump to another marketplace to build up a new identity.

Where you can alive your flop product and run them into a full force. That means you’ll get an extra coverage on your items repeatedly. Moreover there’s an advantage too, you’ll get extra customer depending on your popularity which comes with plenty of clients along with some custom work also.


Observing on trends

Productive things is always comes from the active zone. However active zone is called those places where people always discussing about similar things of any kind of products and no matter its good or bad. As a theme developer or designer, you should keep your eyes to and fro; check each and every post in different blogs, trends, finding the relevant materials what you want for and finally show them or post your link as a way to find this in your product.

Put your mind where it works like a superman. Here you can flourish your idea along with your marketplace. You have to impress them with your features on the front-end which only works if they can also use and manipulate those features for themselves.


Update your Item regularly

Needs are changing day by day and you never stay away from it. Buyers are always searching for trendy features in your items. When they didn’t find their exact items in your product, they move further. So you should have to act naïvely in this situation, you have to update your existing items once a week or once in a month. It’s true to state that updating the previous item is better than build a new item. Old buyers always check those items first which they already come up with.


Follow Coding Standards

On my thinking writing code in a standard way is the most important thing to deal with. It is also important to keep peace with present marketplace situation basically for themeforest or another marketplace where people gave up their hope by getting banned. Because it tells developers how they should write their code. The most needed things must be the readability of the theme you developed, which means “readable code”.

Each marketplace has its own value to managing customers, so more or less all marketplaces keep their eyes into the coding section in an organized way like how they managed their code. All marketplaces come with basic standards to develop code into the product repository whether it is html or WordPress. You can also find some complete standard guides on other sites. So you should keep your eyes open to deal with this situation and marketplaces require you to meet a certain level of standards agreement.


Share and Promote the Sell Page

You should carry out a major amount of explore while determining where and how to sell your themes; this is an extremely significant decision, and not to be taken carelessly. Your product in any kind of marketplace is worthless unless you share it elsewhere. The real truth behind marketing is that you never call it as a dirty work, when you want to sell your web products.

Hearing people about your newly product is quite easy, unless you link your spam post into the marketplace category ridiculously. Sometimes it comes with a blessing, sometimes not. You need to follow other way to share your sell page like these, through social media like (Google plus, facebook, twitter) blog about your product, share this on different websites or commenting on reputed blog posts in mannerly way. Otherwise you can easily create ad on your products from various ad management website to show it in different pages in different websites.


Choose Competitive price

Keep that in mind customers buy themes based on the way they look, and how many bells as well as whistles they have. So as to makes it difficult for a good developer to make a magnificently coded theme and compete in the marketplace.

Pricing is always matters but it doesn’t differs a quality theme with another. Because marketplace is full of quality themes and you need to pass them by the improvisation of your pricing wit. Pricing is always a factor for selling themes in different marketplace where you have to keep happy the marketplace owner and your themes buyers. Whatever categories you choose for your themes, you must calculate the market price as well. If you just start with this you will get a better idea on which theme you will get better sale or which will hinder in your future process.

Now we want to hear about your thoughts. Are you willing to show your developed products in the top of marketplace? Or want to sell your themes via different marketplaces? I love to see your thoughts as well as better or worst experiences as well and share it with us in the comments below! We’re waiting.

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