Free Tailwind Templates

Tailwind CSS is a utility-first front-end framework CSS tool for rapidly building custom user interfaces. This framework has a list of pre-designed widgets to develop your site with but doesn’t impose design decisions that are hard to wreck. Tailwind isn’t the leading utility CSS library, but it is the most accessible at the moment.

This section is dedicated to showcase Templates Built-with Tailwind CSS.

It comes pre-packed with a lot of alternatives and vogues for users to pick from and mobs all their modifications to decrease the tendency to write your CSS. High customization is the key factor in tailwind CSS. The config file in plain JavaScript added by Tailwind is straightforward and it easily customize everything from colors to spacing.

This framework also implements utility classes for resolving the naming problem. While building out a design tailwind provides you everything that you don’t need to change settings. Though it is a utility CSS framework, it performs generating custom components from combinations of those utilities simply. Tailwind is much faster than with most other CSS frameworks and quicker than writing custom CSS. For different screens, all of the tailwind’s utilities are generated with responsive versions. With purge CSS which is a tool for eliminating additional CSS from your project tailwind eliminates extra CSS.