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Published on: 12/27/2016

Top 10 Web Design Trends You Must Know for 2017

Trends know as changes or different outlook that occurs in all creative fields and web design also. Trends are the driving factors for changes. It is pushing an industry looking forward to better than previous.

The last few years we have been that major browser strongly supporting HTML5 and CSS3 and supporting super-fast JavaScript. Now Web is a unique environment which is changing day by day.

Now the question is how web design trends of 2017 are? In this article, we will discuss most significant Web Design Trends You Must Know for 2017

Innovative Scrolling and Parallax

by Helen Morozova

Scrolling preserved for getting from the top of a page to the bottom. It is used in more creative to deliver content online. Now harder of define as users are viewing the content of screens of all different sizes.

Scrolling can work with all types of content delivery. It works with video based content. Where a user can play full-screen videos and pause as well as.

We also seeing some changes in Parallax implemented online. It is a scrolling machine which gives 3D effect on the background behind the web page.

Brave Colors

by Kálmán Magyari

In the past few years is for super-rich colors online. Where many brands and designers stuck with web-safe colors. Today more brands are being braver in their approach to using color. We seeing the use of many gradients now such as over-saturation, vibrant hues, and resurgence. It is helped by technological advancements in monitors and various types of devices.

In the past few years, the use of bolder colors in web design is helpful for attracting the attention of users. In this time try to add new things and break new ground, moving away from the previously established.

More Material Design usage on web

Stripe Inc.

Material Design is one of the biggest web design trends right now. It was initially used on native Android apps but suddenly spread into web design.

Material Design is designed with high quality and powerful technologies like HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap where it helps user experience enhancements and keeps visitors engaged. On the other hand, it polished your websites, looks like professional and improves revenue.

Adaptive Design Approach

by Dmytro Prudnikov

Adaptive Design Approach is one of the most important advantages of latest web trends. Day by day our technology is updated and now all websites are being pushed to become mobile friendly. Due to this reason, many companies to design their website with adaptive design approach and these are mobile-friendly designs. Adaptive design approach is very much convenient for SEO.

Flat Design will be continued

by Caice

We think the flat design will continue to become popular more than previous years. But jQuery and advanced CSS coding become prevalent. Now we will see that a lot more layering of elements to create more 3D design. We have noticed over the last few years that the flat design drafts which give to new clients as the final design.

Rise of UI Patterns and Framework

by Visual Hierarchy

We are seeing that UI and UX patterns come out the across the web where many sites look and function in very similar ways. Users can achieve their experience from home. In the online competition today for brands across all sectors they can’t afford to take major risks in their user’s journey.

We expect that these present UI and UX patterns will develop. We will see more and more brand’s fulfill them as we move one step closer to a more unified. They will keep users happy with UX top priority and increase more their market value.


by Grzegorz Oksiuta

In this time we are seeing that various types of website move away from the use of static imagery and engage users for communication.

Animations coming from illustration and come with a different shape, sizes, and style. It is can range from small loading device which entertains the user while they waiting for content to load. It also includes hovering over the link.

Users can also be used on a much larger scale as rich full-screen animations. It can integrate to work with scrolling, navigation of the entire site.

We predict that more and more brands will see at their sites and services. They can also implement animation to enhance their user’s experience.

More Card and Grid UIs

by Ramotion

Cards famous by interest and then even more by the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Google play. Card UIs allows the brand to show larger amounts of content on a screen.  It is addressing with mobile firms design on the tablet and mobile and supported by Safari, Chrome, and Tinder.

Cards UIs provided a more robust system for creating and organizing content. We hope that it becomes shorter and users seek quicker easier ways to find the content what they want.

More Focus on Branding

by Adam Grabowski

Branding is one of the most important aspects. Also, it can help you to express these ideas to the public. Suppose Google is using simplicity and supports their techie image. That helps to generate more traffic.

On the other hand, a website is the most important part of the online presence so it needs to brand and more focus on branding.

Decline of Stock Imagery

by Ali Sayed

Today’s Users seek authenticity from the brands which comes with reality. So, Abstracted and irrelevant stock image usage is declining.


Responsive Design

Responsive Design is something which has been around for a few years. What we want to see in the coming year is an event bigger update in the number of brands both big and small. Internet users took to mobile optimized sites which maker their browsing experience easier.

The responsive design is an approach to building a site using CSS media quires and flexible grids. It is used for adjusting on various sized devices such as a tablet, mobile, and iPhone.

Last words: There are various types of “trends” going in any creativity at any time. We believe that the earlier trends are some of the more core ones will be focusing on the previous year. With all trends, earlier points come with for good reason as creative and clever thinkers across the whole world. All of these trends of web design relevant to you and your content and it’s always beneficial to users and able to improve web design platform.


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