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Saiful Saif

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Published on: 2/16/2016

10 Killer Web Design Tips for Startup Business Websites

Web Design for Startup Company is not a rocket science, there is bit of development and grooming session included. Every startup business owner wants to be successful from the whole mess of crowd. For doing this part perfectly, you’ve to make your website the sole representative of your startup business. Reason is that, we must know today’s business is totally depends on the web presence. As a representative, a perfect designed website will do the rest for you.  And it’s really damn important task to build a better website for your business.

What now? You need a good looking brand-able address for your startup business. It’ll help you to recognize your brand easily to other people or clients. Next, you also need to host your site by the help of any hosting company, although both of this action will cost you some money. Now you’re getting approval to build your site. Keep that in mind when building a nice designed website for your start-up business, there are some common and important things that you’ve to make sure all things run smoothly. Otherwise you can get help or hire developer to build this website for you.

As per saying for your smooth starting and running, I’ll give you some general idea you can use without any prior knowledge which clear the path of putting your website in the heart of your client. You must’ve to follow these steps below while setting up the design of your start up’s website. Hope it won’t be cost too much.

Website must be Responsive

Credit: Charlie Waite
Credit: Charlie Waite

In the era of handheld devices, you must ensure the proper accessibility in your website from all kind of mobile devices. Yes of course I’m talking about the startup website of yours and this is the first step that you have to guarantee in your startup business website. You must know that majority of the traffic are from the mobile devices. So In this way, it’s necessary to superbly take into account the visitors who surf the web with their mobile phones. So along with the Mobilegeddon terms and conditions of Google is that every website needs to be responsive. And you must implement it when you’re in the verge of starting a website for your startup business.

Ensure the simplicity and usability

Credit: drift.com


What kind of services you will deliver in your startup website is not the matter; it’s all about marketing of the simplicity of your website. Simplicity is about the minimalistic approach where you must depend and it makes your startup website more professional. Whether you’re planning to create a one page website or building multiple pages website. On the other hand you must have aware the using of fonts in one single page or multiple pages, using multiple fonts destroys the impression respectively.

Create clear Navigation

Credit: Sam Thibault

Most of the time startups website uses their creativity as a weapon to catch clients. But they never remember about the part of usability. Keep that in mind visitors must not remain on the navigation less landing page you provided and ultimately they leave. Before the visibility of your startup website, all of navigation items in different bars should be catchy and clear on its philosophy. Don’t use unrecognizable words in your navigation bars otherwise It would give a delusion to your visitors or clients.

You have to make sure your website has clear and clean navigation system and with this navigation viewers can easily enter the other parts of your startup website.

Sustain Visual Hierarchy

Credit: Brant Day

If you’re a web designer, you must know the visual hierarchy. For any startup design business website visual hierarchy creates an immense impact on the visitors. Actually visual hierarchy sets the typographical statement of the website which helps to determine the importance of any fonts in the webpage along with its position, sizes, spacing and colors. It also affects the heading, followed by subheading and also the style used in building blocks of your startup website.

Maintain readability

Credit: Álvaro Bernal

On the other hand visual hierarchy made similar affect on readability. You know that ninety five percent of web design is typography. Here you have to maintain a suitable contrast between the background and the fonts as well. Otherwise both of this is in the same contrast, readers won’t be able to differentiate the fonts and read. Keep the line-height from 1.5 to 1.75 to make sure these lines have adequate room to breathe and seem as a clean design. So you must maintain a different color contrast which will give the reader a smooth experience of reading and help to reduce the bounce rate as well

Create a brand-able logo

Credit: Feng ZHU

Its kind a bit of fascinating, that a small piece of image will decide the Brand of your startup business. Undoubtedly more or less every startup company faces this moment when they’re preparing to come out their brand. Actually positive impression helps most of the time to build a better brand. But firstly you must’ve to point out yourself from the immense crowd. So create a logo and this logo will work as identifier and helps to stand out in the crowd. In the designing part of the logo perfectly designed to inspire a brand as well and color must be suited with your website objectives. Now you just need to spread it all over your website in a well mannered way.

Keep Your Brand Color Scheme Upto the Mark


Color blind start-ups never find that way to build a brand-able brand for their start-ups. Here the term consistency would be prioritized, because most of the start-ups won’t follow their color schemes. That’s why they didn’t separate themselves from the many. So you need to choose a color that differentiates your brand from the others. Likely people make a bracket together this color with your company, and to get sagacity that your company is conveying a dependable message. For further study you can go through this guide about color.

Create Call to Action

Credit: Karl O’Brien

You know most startups are depends on bend methodology, conversions are a particularly essential factor as well as optimization for advanced conversion rate must be your main priority. So the call to action button will help you to understand the most of conversion rate like this call to action is in your homepage and anyone hits on it where they must find a way to stay with this website by giving their mail, sign up for free trial or number etc. one thing is that avoid unusual words in the call to action button or page attributes.

Prepare your Content Adaptively

Credit: Ben Mingo

Over the past few years, there was a bit of war to make websites compatible into the multiple devices. As a matter of startup website in the place of technology, you know that your website has to perform up to the mark. Here the screen size matters and all the details are easily overlooked when you’re showing the website to your clients to the get the work you wanted or in an investor meeting as a demo.
Content adaptive means that your website responsiveness like what you want each and every audience to do on each screen. Make sure that your delivering massage is exceedingly clear and viewed each and every segment at a glance on the larger desktop views and also in the smaller mobile screens.

Put Your Devil in the Details

Credit: Azee Design

Remember your design is not be the main action of your website. There’re few things that most of the startup website owner forget every time. And after a while this forgetfulness causes the worst downfall of your business. Selecting a basic template, using few images is not worth important; you must run for the other things. There is no other way to run things on your own will, you must meet the requirements that people wants.

What the other things? The other things are about paying attention to the core details of your website. It would be the nuggets of information you provided, images must be relevant according to your website, typography is the worth issue, the design of your website must be dependable along with the other websites. It must be a clear and concise website which gets your clients straight to your products or the elements you provided. Lastly have to make sure your design is meant for the way it needs to be.

Lastly, along with many popping up startup business websites each and every day but your goal is to stand out from the thousands. Although it’s not always easy task to do, but given this few things that you can try for yourself. Don’t go off road, otherwise it’ll hurt you badly but choosing somewhat a little risky may pay off further.


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