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Published on: 1/12/2017

25 Top Free, Trendy and Great Fonts for Web Design and Graphic Design Projects of 2017

Font is an important element of design. It’s not just a fact, you are doing graphic design or web design, if you are using characters, then you need to use a clear font to visualize your content. The Web is upgrading day by day, you can’t go ahead with old bold fonts. A good font can improve your design quality, provide an elegant look, clean content.

There are thousands of font family available to use for web design. But, all fonts are not same and all of them don’t have the same quality. These fonts are much better than using any old font. You can download them for free and use on your project.

Various fonts have different functionality. All fonts are not displayed font or text font. All fonts don’t have upper case and lower case characters. Some fonts are not all browsers friendly. So, before choosing a font you need to check all these things.

Here are 25 Free, Popular, Trendy and Great Fonts for Web Design and Graphic Design Projects of 2017



Roboto is a popular font designed by Christian Robertson. This font is a features friendly font and auto adjustable with the width. With a mechanical skeleton and largely geometric forms, roboto is a dual nature and popular font.


Raleway is a sans-serif typeface family mainly used for headings and large texts. At first, it was only one style font. It was upgraded to 9 weight styles back in 2012. For a nice heading look, you can use Raleway font.

PT Sans


PT Sans was developed by ParaType. It was mainly developed for the project “Public types of Russian Federation “. PT Sans is based on Russian Sans Serif Style. PT Sans family contains totally 8 style.

Open Sans


Open Sans is a free Sans Serif typeface by Steve Mattteson. This font family contains total amount of 887 character set( the standard ISO Latin 1, Latin CE, Greekand Cyrillic set is included). This font is optimized for print, web and mobile interfaces.



Lato is a Sans Serif typeface family started in the summer of 2010. Lato means summer in Polish. Lato contains a semi rounded details.of letters, which gives a feeling of warmth and strong structure provides stability and seriousness. This font family is good for body text and sub headings.



Muli is a minimalist sans serif typeface family. It is mainly designed fir display font also useable as a text font. Muli is suitable on all browsers of PC’s and mobile devices.



Quicksand is a display sans serif rounded typeface family. This font was made for using geometric shapes as a cire foundation. This font is designed display purposes also kept enough to use in small sizes.



Arvo is a geometric slab-serif font family suitable for display and print.


Atami is a geometric and moder sans-serif for aesthetically logo design. With unique modular characteristic and two style (regular and display), Atami is a super typeface you can use for logo designing.


Aventura is a free typeface family by Jimmy Kalman Inspired from nature and camping life. Its free to use for both personal and commercial use.


Archiform is a geometric sans serif type family with rounds. This font has both uppercase and lowercase characters. Archiform is specially great for logo types.


Fredoka is a free typeface family with rounded and bold fonts. Fredoka is very useful for displays, headers and logos. If you need a bold header or logo, Fredoka is one of the best font for it.


Butler is a free serif typeface. Butler is great for posters, billboards, big titles. Butler has total 334 characters, 7 regular weights and 7 stencil weights.


Coves is a free typeface family for graphic and web design. With bold and light style, this is ideal for logo design and big titles.


Moon is a free, rounded, simple, space-ie font family with two variations thin and bold Moon is one of the top free font family for designing.


Kayak Sans is a modern and free font for graphic and icon design. Three weights and 6 styles of Kayak Sans makes it more elegant. This font is free to download only for personal use.


Somatic is a cool, modern typeface and style. This font was made for a skelton of simple honest and relatable logotypes.


Mosk typeface is a noble, clean and sans-serif font for designing. With 9 styles and lowercase characters, this font is a perfect font to use for anything. Edited versions in the uppercase version is for logo design.


Zefani is a free font family with two font style Zefani Stencil and Zefani Sans.
Zefani Stencil is a modern font with strong characters and bold lines. On the other hand, Zefani Sans is a light san-serif with three weights.


Sonder is a perfect font family specially for logo design, billboards and bigger titles. This font family came with two version serif and sans-serif, two style regular and rough and black and bold weight.


Three is a great font for UI/UX and general digital design. This font has semi condensed characteristics, clean and simple look.Three has 4 styles black, bold, regular and light to give a perfect look to your design.

Pier Sans

Pier Sans is a modern and structure font family you can use for your regular design. Pier sans is a slighty off geometry font, which is perfect on very big size or very small.


Ikaros is a fully free sans-serif font for web design and graphic design. This font has two weights regularand light to give different view to your design.


Audrey is a free and new typeface with elegant, geometric and straight look. With 3 weights and two variations this font is cool to use on your design.


Aquatico is a free geometric, rounded, clean typeface inspired by sea creatures. This typeface have only upper-case letters. Aquatico came with four weights such as Regular, Oblique, Light, Light Oblique for different views of your design.


Without a clean and elegant font theme a good design will be incomplete. So, wisely choose a good font for your design. And if you are known to any other better fonts, then let us know. We are always respective to your opinion.

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