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Published on: 10/2/2016

Top 10 Tips to Create Ultimate High-converting, Effective and Powerful Landing Page

The greatest websites in the world, such as Google, Wikipedia and Twitter owe a lot of credit to their brilliantly designed and crafted landing pages. Some body said, famously, you have only one chance to make the first impression. Well, even so in the case of websites it holds true, as the user is discerning and in full control to exit the program at his choice. In that case, its always good to give the landing page its necessary importance and not make any serious blunder at it.

Here’s a list of top 10 Secretes & Tips to Create Ultimate High-converting, Effective and Powerful Landing Page for Business, Products, Service and Marketing. Let’s take a look.

1. Call – to – action must be clearly visible.


Call – to – action is action you want the visitor (your customer/prospect) to take. Now that must be clearly visible. When Gmail was launched, it couldn’t be signed up by an individual on his own. Rather invitations were being sent to people by the ones who were already on it. Even in that case, the call – to – action was brilliantly kept visible with colors and effective layout/design keeping it on the left. Twitter, for in stance, has its call to action (sign up/login) pretty much highlighted in magenta background bar on top of the page.

2. The Headline

by Daniel Beere

Headlines, have played the role of a hook in traditional advertising. In website design, the headline continues to dominate with its power to hook the customer. A headline needs to be short, catchy and be able to hold the customers desires and make him stop there. A recent good headline has been of Airbnb website, that says “LIVE THERE” with the subheading “Book homes from local hosts in 191+ countries and experience a place like you live there”. Another recent example is that of Shopify.com, that has a headline in the centre saying, “An ecommerce platform made for you”, followed by subhead
“Whether you sell online, on social media, in store, or out of the trunk of your car, Shopify has you covered.”

3. The explanation

by Pontus Wellgraf

Where the Headline’s job ends, the explanation’s job begin. It is here in a brief write up, a little more can be elaborated on the major benefits of the website’s proposition and products and services. A little paragraph of this sort may be clubbed along with the headline.

4. Pictures

by Dimosthenis

Pictures must be there. A picture evokes emotions. They must be in good enough sizes and in good quality. Even Google builds a connect with its neat layout having a little doodle, or a cartoon putting focus on the theme of the day. Another good example here is Ebay, that showcases its products effectively through pictures. The arrangement of pictures is particularly classy.

5. Clutter free layout

by Profart

This is extremely important, just as formatting and visual. Together they assure the website gets a focused look. Giving the customer too many options confuses and fatigues him, making him abruptly exiting the page.

6. Sign Up with Facebook Option

This is a popular way many new and old websites are cashing on the Facebook members (1.71 billion as of second quarter of 2016). It gives people the ease to sign up and makes the whole process friendly and convenient. Ideally, in today’s day and age, every portal must give this facility to log in with their Facebook id and password.

7. Support Chat box popup

It is pop up that might irritate a random customer, but it can be boon for a serious one. It can keep a serious customer hooked on to the site for a very long time. On many e-commerce websites, one can see the emergence of the support chat box popup. Nearly all issue of products, services, how to register, better deals are covered by the competent support staff.

8. Compelling Reason

On the landing page, one could layout effective the selling point to the customer, the special reason why he should actually go ahead and place his order. For example, at Joco Cups website, they make it clear to the customer that he should by their reusable Cups for the sake of protecting the environment.

9. Testimonials

This works beautifully in building the website brand, be it a restaurant, a school, a hospital or a nutritionist. For long engagement services, people seek out credible testimonials. If one is looking for a good dental clinic, testimonials are necessary.

10. Add social stamps

If you are a restaurant owner and your restaurant has been reviewed well by 3rd parties such as Zomato and others, then snapshots of those could be added. If a celebrity has visited your restaurant and instagrammed, then that can be embedded into the website. Such social testimonies enhance the credibility of the website and in turn increase traffic and conversion.

A landing page is the page where the fate of your website is decided. Make it a point to make the best impression, so that the customer keeps coming back to you just for the amazing experience you provide.

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