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Published on: 7/18/2020

Introducing GrayGrids 2.0

Thanks for being part of GrayGrids for a long time, Our new website is out! I would like to call it GrayGrids 2.0 Why? – It has been redesigned, restructured, optimized, and more open than ever before! Without further ado, we present GrayGrids 2.0


More Open

We are not only a premium template marketplace anymore, but you can also download, explore and submit – free, premium and freemium templates and themes.

Removed Clutters

It was a long due, we removed all dysfunctional templates and will be strict about it from now on.

Redesigned and Restructured

 Everything changes with the flow, we redesigned the site to keep up with the trend but in a minimalist way.

Quality Over Quantity

 This is our main motto now, submission is not open for all and will be limited to quality authors only. Also, we will start creating in-house templates and themes to fill the gaps.

More User-focused

 Last but not the least, we are more user-focused than ever before, will try our best to keep GrayGrids relevant and offer tools and resources even before asking.

TBH, we are not finished yet. Still working and a lot of things to improve and I assume all essential parts are done. So, visit the new website and let me know your valuable feedback to make it better for you.

– Musharof Chowdhury

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