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Chandula Bandara

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Published on: 6/23/2015

Going Material Design; The World is Changing…

The world is changing, what’s new and glamorous today can even die off tomorrow. People love following trends but not many switch trends as fast as another. Usually something new happens at least once a year, quite often led by tech giants or some out of the box thinker.

There is nothing wrong in following a trend, it is completely OK and normal.

So that there would be some sort of consistency on a particular domain but the question is,
does that let you stand off?

When we live in a society where everyone wants to do the Steve Jobs thingy, Think Different; will trends work?

This article isn’t that introductory type, Material Design 101 or its Design Principles as such, but would be more focused on a much broader aspect, to initiate a discussion on the Designer Space. For the simple reason that you know enough and more on Material Design by now.
By the way there’s some big news for you, so keep on reading!


As I said before, new trends emerge and they exist for some time, this can even be a coexistence too. Sometimes a successor is a mere evolution of another. We went through three major trends in the recent past; Skeuomorphic, Flat and Material respectively. I believe Steve was the biggest fan of Skeuomorphism, hope Apple fans wouldn’t think twice to agree on that. Skeuomorphism wasn’t really introduced by Apple, it really existed for centuries, Apple just used it right.

My definition for Skeuomorphism would be “fakeness”.

But we have to agree that it got the best Affordances than both the others. Then came Flat, this time Microsoft being the early adopters. Flat was a complete chop off of Skeuomorphism principles, going commando! People loved Skeuomorphic Design so they did for Flat Design, they still does.
Do we hate Skeuomorphism now? Not really, Yes? But let’s just say we had enough.

Flat is simpler, it became the new black…

Why did I just talk a lot on Skeuomorphism, on an article titling on Material Design?
There is a reason. Material;

Is it the comeback of Skeuomorphism?
Flat Design taken into another level?
Is it the offspring of Flat and Skeuomorphic design?

I need you to think in a different angle on this…
It’s all about enhancing the User Experience, isn’t it?

Trends don’t die, they just evolve. SkeuoFlatism…

We are hoping to do a write-up again incorporating your thoughts and ideas,
so let your words flow along with the hashtags #GoingMaterial #GGTalks

And time for the big announcement, GaryGrids team is baking an awesome brand new template just for you! Hint: Material much… So stay tuned!

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