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Published on: 5/25/2019

30+ Best Free One Page Website Templates of 2022

It is no secret that one page websites are an excellent way to share information with the target audience in a clean, precise, and straightforward manner, and to create one page site will require one page website templates. This format is also pretty quick and allows the users to get to the heart of the company or the business within no time at all. Using a one-page website, it becomes easy to launch your products or services or alternatively, highlight their features and the advantages they can bring to the users.

Irrespective of whether you wish to create a professional website for your business, software, or app or simply a one page website to showcase your resume or portfolio, you can find one here easily.

If you are looking for generalized free HTML templates, you can check out massive collection of free HTML templates offered by us.

Therefore, if you have been looking for some free one page web templates for your new website, here is a list of 34 best free one page website templates to kickstart your business with an impressive website!


Palette is an amazingly responsive template for restaurants. Any kind of food joint, restaurant, or cafe can get this template for an impressive one-page website.  


EventUp is the perfect web template that has been designed especially for conferences, events, meetups, and seminars. It comes packed with all the relevant features and sections to create an amazing one-page event website. 


If you are looking for the perfect profile and portfolio template, Unfold is the one to go for! It is the perfect choice for all kinds of resumes, portfolios, CV, and profile websites.


Furnish is an ideal furniture website that allows you to display your furniture products with ease beautifully. It consists of all the relevant elements and has a clean design.


Slick is a multipurpose template that comes with a flawless design and UI/UX. It has several unique variations of the homepage and can be customized according to your tastes.


This business template is absolutely free and is perfect for giving your corporate endeavor the much-needed kickstart. This creative and innovative template is ideal for agencies, businesses, and startups. 


The Fusion template can be used for businesses, apps, product landing pages as well as SaaS websites. It is beautifully crafted with all the relevant UI elements.


Mate has again been designed for businesses, agencies, startups and service websites. It is super developer-friendly and comes with interactive parallax scrolling.

If you are looking for general purpose bootstrap template?, check out high-quality and free bootstrap templates


Premium is, indeed, a premium bootstrap one-page template for businesses who are looking to make an impression. It comes with four distinct homepage variations, and you can choose one according to the type of your project.


This is another highly professional, multipurpose, and high-quality template that has been crafted with the latest technologies. It has a well-documented and optimized code. 


Grand is a free conference and event template that helps you launch a professional website in no time at all. It is fully responsive with a refreshing design. It is also quite easy to customize.


Bolt comes with three distinct homepage variations and has a clean user interface. It is super easy to customize and has been crafted with HTML5 and Bootstrap 4.  


Vanilla is the perfect template for app, business, and SaaS websites. It comes with all the essential elements and sections to make your next big project a success.


Helium has been crafted using a powerful framework of Bootstrap 4. It is a long-scrolling template that comes with a services grid, an intro slider, statistics, a portfolio section, a contact form and much more. 


MeetMe is a free CV and Resume bootstrap template. It is a unique template that has been designed for you to be able to showcase your skill set for the maximum impact.  


It is a fantastic template that has been designed to showcase the features of new software and apps. It can be used as a landing page for products with ease. 


This is a template that is much appreciated for its clean, well-crafted, and elegant design. If you have a personal website, this is the perfect opportunity for you to show your career history, resume, personal interests, and projects, etc. 

PB Law

PB Law is a great template for all things legal. It can be used for attorneys, law firms, barristers, legal advisors as well as solicitors. It has all the necessary elements and features that you need to create an impressive law-related one-page website.


A fully-responsive one-page website template, Dazzle really lives up to its name. It has been beautifully crafted for mobile applications and software display. It is stylish and easy to customize too.


If you are a freelancer looking to carve your own niche in the online world through a website that highlights all your skills and talent, this is the perfect template for you. With a custom portfolio grid, get ready to make a great first impression on your clients!


Evie is an MIT-licensed template that comes with an impressive minimal style guide. It is the perfect lightweight and easily customizable template if you are looking to build a website quickly. 

New Age

New Age is a colorful and bold bootstrap template to create a one-page website. It has a custom fixed navigation menu and custom button styles with a stylish design.


The Effacy template has a modern and clean design with five homepage variations. It is easy to use, well-documented, and effortless to customize. You can use this professional template for the purpose of a portfolio. 


Corporal has a clean and responsive design and has been crafted with FontAwesome 4.x, Twitter Bootstrap 3.2x, and several other essential components such as a portfolio gallery and a contact form.

Landing Page

The Landing Page template is elegant, beautifully responsive, and simple for Bootstrap 4 websites. It has a lot of sections such as Testimonials and an Email Opt-In header. 


Crystal is a free, well-designed template that can work for a plethora of diverse web projects. It is a professional, responsive, and multipurpose template with a block-based structure.


This multipurpose, free Bootstrap template has smooth scrolling animations and a dark color scheme. It also comes with custom button styles to create an impressive one-page website.


Ava has an amazing design and is packed with features such as a screenshot preview area, an intro lead capture field, a service/product overview section, etc. Using this template, you can build the perfect landing page website.

Landing Zero

This is a unique website template that comes with a video background of a full screen. It has a sleek grey/dark color scheme, smooth scrolling, and accent color. You can use it to display your portfolio. 


The components of Pluto are based on the material design UI of Google, so you know it is bound to be good. It has a fully responsive layout with organized codes and a refreshing design.


Alecto can be used to create business websites and is also perfect for branding. You can showcase your services perfectly using this template.

Github Portfolio

This template is ideal for creating a portfolio or a personal website. It is a unique template designed by Tamino Martinius to make all your GitHub activity look like a clean coding portfolio.

SEO Company

Are you a digital marketing agency wanting to create a clean and clutter-free online presence? If yes, then The SEO Company one-page template with countless innovative features can be your perfect ally.


And finally, Atlas is a one-page template that can be employed to build a long-scrolling, clean landing page website. It comes with a clear topography and trendy diagonal lines that cannot be missed. 

Top 5 Reasons for Using One-Page Website Templates and Themes

There are a number of reasons for using one-page website templates for your new business. Let us check out a few of them!

For Clutter-free Website

And finally, Atlas is a one-page template that can be employed to build a long-scrolling, clean landing page website. It comes with a clear topography and trendy diagonal lines that cannot be missed. 

Easy to Make Changes

Another great reason to go for a one-page website is that it is super easy to make any changes or modifications to the content or the design at a later stage. You will only be required to update one page in that case instead of multiple pages. 

Same Design Experience

Another advantage of using bootstrap one-page templates is that they ensure the same kind of experience and hence, consistency on all kinds of devices such as smartphones, tablets and computers or laptops. Also, this means that both the Android and iOS users will enjoy a consistent quality of content as well as website on any device they choose to access it from.

Cost Effective Solution

A one-page website template is also quite affordable as there is no need to design separate web pages for an entire website. All the necessary and relevant information will be listed on one page, and hence, less money will be spent. 

Easy to Find Information

And finally, using a one-page website also makes it easy for the consumers to find all the information on a single page without a lot of navigating through the many pages of a regular website.

Therefore, a one-page bootstrap template for your one-page website can open a lot of doors for your business. So, which free one page templates will you choose?

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