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Published on: 10/12/2018

Top 30+ Free Essential Plugins and Components to Extend Bootstrap 4

There already exist a huge number of components and useful tools for the extension of Bootstrap. However, the fact remains that there are some situations where the available components aren’t quite enough to fulfill your needs. This post is here to fill the gap. We introduce you to the best free plugins and components to extend Bootstrap 4 experience, which you’ve been looking for. 

So, here are we presenting handpicked 30+ Free Essential Plugins and Components to Extend Bootstrap 4 Development 2018.

Owl Carousel

It is the number one touch-enabled jQuery scroller/carousel plugin. It enables you to create a beautiful and fully responsive carousel slider. More interestingly, it is fully customizable with over 60 options.

Details and Download


Very Simple jQuery Color Picker

Just as the name suggests, the plugin is straightforward in the sense that it is unobtrusive. Moreover, it integrates wonderfully with Twitter Bootstrap. Also, the source code of this plugin only requires jQuery!

Details and Download


Bootstrap + Vue

Use it to develop the most responsive, mobile-first projects on the web. The component provides the most comprehensive implementation of Bootstrap V4 and a grid system for Vue.js 2.4+, with complete accessibility markup.

Details and Download



SlickNav is the most appropriate when you need to hide the original menu while retaining the mobile menu on display. It enjoys distinct features such as multi-level menu support and flexibility.

Details and Download



This plugin is quite small (3.22KB). You can include an elegant icon picker with categories, pagination, and search inside the administration forms. You can load the list of items using the SELECT field too.

Details and Download


Bootstrap Data Table

For sorting, search and the pagination of tables, it offers a suitable solution. For sorting, choose the arrows you like from the font awesome arrow icons. Positioning elements are also present in the table.

Details and Download


Lightbox for Bootstrap

Make use of bootstraps modal plugin when implementing a lightbox gallery – GitHub. Pass the options to the modal object if you want to use any of the original modal options.

Details and Download



It’s a mega menu for Bootstrap from Twitter. Yamm uses the fluid grid system classes and standard Navbar markup from Bootstrap. Yamm has the facility of inclusion of any Bootstrap element.

Details and Download



For the installation of Reactstrap and peer dependencies, use NPM. Thereafter, proceed to import the components you need. However, note that Reactstrap doesn’t include Bootstrap CSS. Therefore, it needs to be installed!
Details and Download


Bootstrap Select Dropdown

This is a jQuery plugin designed for Bootstrap 4. The plugin converts <select> and <select multiselect> elements to dropdowns. Additionally, it makes use of Bootstrap’s drop-down plugin and fuse.js for fuzzy search.

Details and Download


Bootstrap Sidebar

Specifically, for Bootstrap 3, the bootstrap sidebar is a quite responsive plugin. It is the most suitable in cases when your menu is too big to fit in a horizontal menu bar.
Details and Download


Bootstrap Image Gallery

It refers to a responsive, touch-enabled and customizable video and image gallery. The displays happen in the modal dialogue of the Bootstrap framework, mouse, and keyboard navigation.
Details and Download


Bootstrap Media Lightbox

This is a Bootstrap extension, specifically meant for Bootstrap 3. It has distinct features including lightweight and borderless. Moreover, it supports image galleries, single images, iframes, and videos.
Details and Download


Fuel UX

It extends Bootstrap using additional lightweight Javascript controls for web applications. Its components include checkbox, placard, repeater, radio, search, pillbox, and select list. A whole list out there for you!
Details and Download


Jasny Bootstrap

You will agree that the component package is handy for most users. It is composed of fixed-top alerts, labeled buttons, and off-canvas menu components. Also, file input with image previewers is available.
Details and Download


CCS3 Microsoft Modern Buttons

Have you been searching for a way of easily re-creating stylish buttons used by Microsoft on their websites? Well, your search ends here! CCS3 Microsoft Modern Buttons will do it.
Details and Download


Social Buttons for Bootstrap

These buttons are quite easy to work with. You only need to add one of the prepared classes. Take note that the buttons are made in pure CSS! The font is awesome.
Details and Download


Bootstrap Hover Dropdown

With a unique feature of a possibility to set the timeout, the plugin can open dropdowns. Bootstrap dropdown opens dropdowns by only hovering over them. Seems unique, doesn’t it?
Details and Download


Tab Drop for Bootstrap

Are you often faced with situations when your tabs fail to fit in a single row? This vital script brings you a solution. It takes the non-fitting tabs and makes a new drop-down tab.
Details and Download



The jQuery plugin is quite useful when you need to replace radio inputs and default checkboxes. The checkbox is also called ‘‘Prettycheckable’’ due to its convenience. It offers a cool solution for your Bootstrap.
Details and Download


jQuery Gridform

This refers to a jQuery plugin useful when creating complex table-based forms with Bootstrap. It forms an important aspect when you need to develop complex table-based forms with Bootstrap.
Details and Download


Accessibility Plugin

The plugin adds accessibility markup to the default components of Bootstrap. The default components include Tooltip, Alert, dropdown menu, popover, Modal dialog, Collapse, and Tab panel.
Details and Download


Bootstrap Breadcrumbs


This refers to a bootstrap plugin of Javascript that gives you a chance to manipulate breadcrumb navigation automatically.
Details and Download


Bootstrap –Contact Form

The Bootstrap contact is a contact form. Basically, it is a simple PHP contact form. It is done using Bootstrap and the jQuery validation plugin.
Details and Download


jQuery Pagination

This is a plugin that simplifies the usage of Bootstrap’s pagination. It does so by using appropriate classes such as active and disabled, and pagination.
Details and Download


Bootstrap Star Rating

This plugin supports the fractional star fill and the input support of RTL. Basically, Bootstrap star rating is designed to support star rating for Bootstrap.
Details and Download



If you need to generate a table of contents dynamically, this plugin will do you justice. It can be optionally styled with jQueryUI theme roller or Bootstrap.
Details and Download


Bootstrap Video Player

It refers to an HTML5 video player plugin that can be customized for jQuery. It is based on Bootstrap’s UI. It is quite interesting, isn’t it?
Details and Download


Token field

This is a rather advanced tagging jQuery plugin. It is definitely for Bootstrap but has focused on the copy and paste support. It also focuses on keyboard navigation.
Details and Download


In conclusion, it is clear from this post that the use of Bootstrap can be effortless, especially when the above plugins and extensions are put into use. If you lack the necessary components to extend Bootstrap; the contents discussed here should do you justice in matters of Bootstrap.

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