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Published on: 8/19/2020

What’s New in Bootstrap 5, It’s Stable Released date & How to download it

Bootstrap is the most widely used framework for front-end. This was created in order to design responsive and dynamic website interfaces. Now, it has released a major new update of Bootstrap 5.

The latest update on bootstrap shows that the alpha version of Bootstrap 5 has been released and, it seems like Bootstrap 5 says goodbye to jQuery. 

You might be familiar with what are bootstrap templates & why it’s so trending these days. 

Let me explain it to you that among all the other characteristics the main benefit of the Bootstrap Templates is it allows multiple platform support for devices either mobile or desktop. This shows that bootstrap assures the responsiveness of the website to make it user-friendly.

Bootstrap 5 officially removes the use of jQuery. That means it drops the browser support for IE 10 and 11. This depicts a major advancement in the coding dimension and a better perspective for the future.

The first thing that they have changed is, they changed the identity of the bootstrap. They have created a new logo now. Which is a letter mark with B for bootstrap? And also with the latest iteration of Bootstrap 5, the jQuery is completely dropped now. Through this significant change, the projects would be lighter in terms of file size and easy to use for the coding perspective.

Although some developers working on business-driven projects will think of it as a disadvantage, however, there are many ways to fix IE support using polyfills.

However, with the latest trend of writing single-page applications using Angular and React. Now, It seems like jQuery has not been popular anymore and this depicts that Bootstrap 5 will completely remove jQuery.

Responsive Font Sizes With RFS V9 Implementation

In Bootstrap 5, responsive font sizes have been enabled by default, allowing the text to scale more naturally in device and viewport sizes.

Responsive Containers

Bootstrap 5 will be showing off their new types of pf containers such as  `.container-sm` and many more. Previously, there were very few options available. This would be a good move.

Jekyll is an open-source static-site generator with the latest version of 4.0.1 updated on 5 May 2020. If you are well aware of how to work on Joomla, word press, then it will be easy for you to work on Jekyll as well because of its similar interfaces and usability. 

They have now set up their system to work with custom properties which are actually replacing the Sass variables that are insane. 

One clear reason for such an incredible change might be because Hugo’s extremely efficient, fast, and easily configurable for the users. As in comparison with Jekyll, it has integration support with the popular web server as well and also can help you organize your content.

Bootstrap 5 Scalable Vector Graphics

The changes to the Bootstrap SVG library will be taken place in the newer version of bootstrap. Some other core changes will be done in the next update :

  1. The Development of Testing infrastructure in Jasmine.
  2. No more support for Node.js 8.
  3. Changes in development dependencies
  4. Some CSS changes

Changes To CSS Classes

It’s for sure that people will be interested to hear about the new classes that bootstrap offers in its latest version. The previous version of Bootstrap has 1,400+ CSS classes. There are chances that some older CSS classes will not be available in the newer version and some CSS classes that will be added that you won’t find in the previous versions.

Some CSS classes that have already been removed, according to Bootstrap 5’s GitHub project official dashboard, are:

  • Now It uses form-row
  • form-inline
  • list-inline
  • card-deck

List of New Classes that CSS 5 have Added

 There are some new classes added in Bootstrap 5 that are mentioned below:

  1. g- * classes control the horizontal & vertical gutter width
  2. gx- * classes control the horizontal / column gutter width
  3. Row-cols-auto
  4. gy- * classes control the vertical / row gutter width

Bootstrap 5 Remove the Support for Internet Explorer 10 and 11

With the bootstrap previous version, many of the developers were not satisfied with the integrated support of bootstrap 4. They were a little disappointed with its lack of integrated support for icon libraries. The new version of bootstrap won’t support Internet Explorer 10 and 11. 

Developers normally use Font Awesome or either custom SVG icons as they are supportive of the previous version of bootstrap. But now this might be changed with the latest version of bootstrap 5. It possesses its own icons, now you don’t have to rely on other icons like font, awesome, etc. 

With the fifth version, there is a new icon library with SVG technology created by Mark Otto. What’s even better is that it already launched in December now anyone can use them to increase their project efficiency.

How to install Bootstrap 5?

There are multiple ways to install bootstrap 5. But I’ll guide you with the classical way to install it. That means I’m going to show you how to download bootstrap 5. 

The first thing you’ll need to do is go to the bootstrap version 5 websites. That is, v5.getbootstrap.com, then you need to click on the doc menu after that on the left you’ll see the download button. Press the download button displayed. Now, it will download the bootstrap 5. You’ll then just need to unzip the folder and use it where required. However, already released some Bootstrap 5 templates , we will keep updating these templates until v5 stable get released. In the meantime who wants to try bootstrap 5 with templates can download.

News on Bootstrap 5 Release Date

Progress looks great on the GitHub official dashboard with more than 630 tasks submitted and approximately 35 are pending or under review.

Given that they are already working on the other versions named as alpha-2, people are expecting it to launch in late spring. 

The worst experience for developers is to reinvent the code each project that is either done in JavaScript, Html, or CSS. Whereas others try to write their code from scratch that is good but, there are options in which you’ll need prebuild frameworks.

With all the new updates in Bootstrap 5. Now,  it’s safe to say that the Bootstrap team is taking the great initiative to make its framework lightweight, easy to use, and faster for the benefit of the developer.

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