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Published on: 4/5/2017

Curated List of Best Bootstrap 4 Resources – Themes, UI Kits, Freebies and Tutorials

Bootstrap Team Released its First Beta Version of Bootstrap 4 on 10th August and Bootstrap official site already started promoting to use v4 as Bootstrap 4 is now default download package on site. Its not that much necessary to say – Bootstrap is most popular and advanced frontend framework for designing web layouts. Bootstrap assembles HTML, CSS and JavaScript for creating responsive interface of websites. Bootstrap 4 is the latest version of Bootstrap which is more enriched and more flexible to the developers.

Bootstrap has been popular as the front end framework in last few years for its advantages. Developers like Bootstrap because it speeds up the development process. The consistency and easiest customizability makes this framework more famous.

Through, Bootstrap 4 is still in Beta but, there are too many resources already available for Bootstrap 4 to make you Bootstrap 4 based project development efficient.

Today, I am here to share some of the best Bootstrap 4 resources such as – Templates, themes, UI Kits, Designs, Freebies and Tutorials available on the web to make your Bootstrap 4 journey much easier and efficient.

New Bootstrap 4 Official Site

Bootstrap 4 Official Portal is the starting point of Bootstrap 4 development. You can download Bootstrap 4 files, learn from Docs and can check demos made using Bootstrap 4.


Bootstrap 4 Cheat Sheet

Almost all the professional front end-developers love Bootstrap framework. This quick reference sheet was developed by Alexandar Rechsteiner for Bootstrap version 4. You can use any this these classes if you need. It facilities the developers with a faster overview of code and design.


Engage – Bootstrap 4 Template

This bootstrap 4 template can be used to develop a design for multipurpose websites. Engage is First ever multi-purpose Bootstrap 4 Template comes with tons of Pages and Short-codes to build complete & feature-rich website. This template is very well organized. easy to customize and regularly updated.


Helium – Free Bootstrap 4 UI Kit

Helium is one of the best Bootstrap 4 UI Kit, it comes with 100+ components and elements and built with latest release of Bootstrap 4. Interesting thing is Helium is completely free UI Kit, You can use for personal or commercial projects without paying anything.


Bootstrap 4 Startup UI Kit

Startup UI Kit is developed based on bootstrap 4. This UI Kit is basically used for creating landing pages. ThisUI Kit has 50 different components in 10 categories to create absolutely unique layout.


Modular Admin: Free Bootstrap 4 Dashboard Theme

This is a Admin/Dashboard template based on Bootstrap 4, You can modify this template easily for making admin or any dashboard. The customization process is easy and less time consuming which make this template more popular to the developers. You can download this template for free.


Bootstrap 4 Features: What’s new, What’s gone!

A very well-researched article on feature comparison between Bootstrap 3.x and Bootstrap 4.x. If you are willing to start Bootstrap 4 development immediately this article will guide you what’s new comes with Bootstrap 4 and what you going to miss.


Bootstrap 4 Material Design

If you are fanatic about Material Design, this kit is solution for you to use Bootstrap 4 and Material Design together. The free version comes with tons of components and sections built with bootstrap 4 and design is inspired by material design theory. You might need to upgrade into pro to enjoy all premium features.


Bootstrap 4 CDN

MaxCDN offering free Bootstrap 4 CDN service with compiled bootstrap 4 core files, you can include them on your live projects to enjoy CDN features.


<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://maxcdn.bootstrapcdn.com/bootstrap/4.0.0-beta/css/bootstrap.min.css" integrity="sha384-/Y6pD6FV/Vv2HJnA6t+vslU6fwYXjCFtcEpHbNJ0lyAFsXTsjBbfaDjzALeQsN6M" crossorigin="anonymous">


<script src="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/popper.js/1.11.0/umd/popper.min.js" integrity="sha384-b/U6ypiBEHpOf/4+1nzFpr53nxSS+GLCkfwBdFNTxtclqqenISfwAzpKaMNFNmj4" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>

<script src="https://maxcdn.bootstrapcdn.com/bootstrap/4.0.0-beta/js/bootstrap.min.js" integrity="sha384-h0AbiXch4ZDo7tp9hKZ4TsHbi047NrKGLO3SEJAg45jXxnGIfYzk4Si90RDIqNm1" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>


Bootplate – Bootstrap 4 Framework for WordPress

Who does not use WordPress? Well, There is a basic but extensive Bootstrap 4 based WordPress Theme Building Boilerplate available named Bootplate. This Framework is Free, Feature-rich, Extensive, Regularly Updated and Well-documented.


reactstrap – React Components for Bootstrap 4

Easy to use Bootstrap 4 Components for reacts. If you want to get Bootstrap 4 and react taste together reactstrap for you. This library does not depends on jQuery its only based on react.js


vuestrap – VueJS web components for Bootstrap 4

VueJS is now one of the most popular and trending JavaScript framework. Good news is there is an awesome library for Bootstrap 4 components powered by vueJS named vuestrap


Bootstrap 4 Grid System for Sketch

This grid system file will help a lot if you are designing Bootstrap 4 based project with sketch. It encompasses twelve different columns with multiple ties for attractive layouts.


Bootstrap 4 Snippets

Simple Bootstrap 4 snippets such as – table, checkbox, pagination, material-checkbox etc.


Bootstrap 4 GUI

This is fully editable GUI based on Bootstrap 4. User can edit any part of this template. The coding style of this template is much more transparent than any other front end templates.


Bootstrap 4 Creative UI Kit

Bootstrap 4 Creative UI Kit comes with HTML web blocks used in this template is defined very clearly which makes this template easier to customize. This template is enriched with a number of layouts so that developer can make some creative design in their websites. And of-course this Kit is based on Bootstrap 4.


Bootstrap 4 Visual Guide

Its a Blog post by Carol Skelly creator of Bootply. She discussed and shown visual differences between various version of Bootstrap. A must read article for those who curious about Bootstrap 4 Visual Updates.


As the interface is the most important part of a website, designers vary often emphasis on this section. Interface determines how much a website is expressive to the viewers.

So, this section of a website needs to be more carefully developed which requires some creative design and ideas. Bootstrap 4 guarantees the maximum innovative design for the developers. So, if you’re thinking about designing your next website you should certainly use Bootstrap 4 for ensuring the finest design of your website.

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