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Published on: 10/11/2016

Best Free Premium Responsive Bootstrap HTML5 Page Builders

You may call it the DIY (do-it-yourself) way of building a website. Drag and Drop website builders let people take charge of the creativity that will tell the story of their business on the web. Just like a mother knows a child the best, its certainly the best way to begin, especially for bootstrap start-ups. The system of ‘drag and drop’ quite literally lets users choose elements for their website, right from text to pictures to videos etc.

Building a website is no mean task. One needs to be truly gifted and lucky to find a way with creative web designers and technical programmers and get a website done that matches with their vision. This can be extremely difficult in case of start-ups where each experience is new, and more experimentation would mean more costs. However with Drag and Drop website builders the task becomes much easier, one can design, edit, experiment, take feedback again edit and so on.
The beauty of this builder is that one just needs to elementary skills of computer. In an uncanny way it resembles a block game of a child, one just needs to be logical at choosing elements to arrive at an international standard website.
It is ludicrously easy to build websites and even an eight or ten year also can also build websites with the Drag and Drop website builders. There are mostly clicks and drags that are involved, so one can pretty much bring to life online what one has in mind, by way of pictures, text, videos and other embeds. One can even add videos on landing pages.

With the entire back-end in control, one can keep managing the website and publish at one’s comfort and choice. There are many more choices available with drag and drop website builders but one has to experiment with them to understand the spectrum of powerful choices it offers to lend beautiful creativity for your website. All in all, it turns out to be an extremely cost effective and time saving for start-up entrepreneurs who have the nerve to experiment but are controlled by wafer thin budgets.

Today, We are going to share a great list of Best Free Premium Bootstrap HTML Responsive Drag and Drop Template & Theme Builders, Website Generators, Layout Generators and Landing page Builders.

MegaBlocks – Responsive HTML5 Bootstrap Drag and Drop Page & Template Builder

html page builder

This one has a real time HTML 5 page builder. It can create multiple pages in one session, apart from building custom HTML pages and custom HTML elements, integrates with CSS frameworks (like Bootstrap, Foundation, etc) create multiple pages in one session etc. The approach followed is that of block based with Mega Blocks that helps in creating powerful and cutting edge websites for business, education, job resume etc.

Ultimate Blocks – Bootstrap HTML5 Drag and Drop Responsive Theme,Page & Webpage Builder

splash cm new

Another block based HTML drag & drop theme builder is Ultimate Blocks. It has got unlimited layouts template that’s based on Bootstrap framework, easy to customize for individual, eCommerce, or blogging etc purposes.

Landing – Drag and Drop Responsive Bootstrap HTML Landing page Builder

Landing is another Bootstrap based HTML 5 Landing Page template With Builder. Its unique selling proposition is its
9 HTML Landing page design and page builder that provides 70+ components.

Brix.io – Online Bootstrap Builder and Editor


The tool is the first website builder that allows user to design application, website or mobile app in accordance to his or her needs. It is derived from the best BootstrapMaster’s experiences.

Jetstrap – Online Bootstrap Interface Builder


Jetstrap is a building tool for Twitter Bootstrap. One just needs to log in and start building, as simple.

Bootply – Online Bootstrap Playground with Builder and Editor


Bootply gives users the freedom to make edits to Bootstrap- friendly CSS, HTML, Javascript.

LayoutIt – Simple Bootstrap Layout builder


This one doesn’t call itself a site builder. It claims to take care of any and every frontend project one needs to pull off.
It takes into count all elements, and components of Bootstrap. No coding knowledge required.

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