15 Best Transactional Email and Marketing Email Service Providers 2017

The life of 21st century is highly digitalized. In this digital world, most of the time we live in the web world for our different needs and issues. For these various reasons we need transactional and marketing email for our personal and professional purpose. Transactional email is a type of email which sent to facilitate an agreed upon transaction between the sender and the recipient. Typically it contains information which a recipient wants to know. Common transactional email including account creation emails, password resets, purchase receipts, account notification, social media uptake and follower notification.

It is important that your emails successfully inboxes to your clients. When you know about free and Transactional Email Provider services then you can send invoices, receipts, purchase orders, reminders and any notification to your clients. So you need to know about this to maintain your clients. The other option is email marketing. Email marketing is one of the most popular business campaigning way. With the help of email marketing you can reach the targeted markets easily without huge advertisement on newspaper, television or radio etc. its the easiest way to connect your customers when you are promoting your business.
In this circumstances, I will discuss top 15 Free and Paid transactional and marketing email service providers of 2017 such as Mailgun, Amazon SES, SparkPost, Elastic Email, Sendgrid, Pepipsot, mailjet, MailChimp, Aweber and more.


SendGrid is the most popular and largest transactional email provider service and delivers more than 14 billion emails every month.
Features of SendGrid:
• Provides high email delivery to confirmed your emails that delivered.
• Informed you analyze the results of sent message such as clicks, bounce etc.
• Allows you to edit the transactional email templates with drag and drop, HTML and CSS editor.

Amazon SES

Amazon SES means Amazon Simple Email Service. It is a cost-effective email service for sending the automated emails.
Features of Amazon SES:
• Built for large-scale infrastructure
• Provides multiple emails sending interfaces.
• Built with reliable infrastructure and reputed background.
• You don’t need to configure and maintain the mail servers for sending campaigns.


Sparkpost includes HTML templates which support variables and make easy to send customized messages.
Features of Sparkpost:

• Free 100000 emails/month
• Sparkpost tracks your emails with 42 real-time metrics and help you to see how to develop your emails.
• Manage your campaign.
• Provides email designer tool.


Mailjet has a good price and includes various types of features to customize your emails and customization of each email is individual. Split testing is very helpful as well.
Features of Mailjet:
• Including drag and drop builder to customize your email campaigns within some minutes.
• Provides contact list management and beautiful newsletter templates.
• Infromes you about your email performance by checking the open and click rates.

MailChimp (marketing emails only)

Mailchimp helps you to send beautiful email newsletters and ensure your app’s emails get delivered. It is integrated with Amazon SES and Mandrill which add extra features.
Features of MailChimp:

• Best Email Marketing Platform.
• It can include reporting, templates, inbound email processing and more using the email sending infrastructure. • It can include reporting, templates, inbound email processing and more using the email sending infrastructure.
• Transitioned emails to be an add-on to MailChimp.
• Better tool for sending emails to your customers automatically with the better template.
• Create ecommerce workflows with MailChimp built-in automation and share your contact data from your marketing in one place.


Mailgun email provider services are reliable email service for developers. It delivers your emails with email validation features. Email validation features to check and confirmed you that your sending mail to valid email address. It is very easy to use and you can manage your email lists separately.
Features of the Mailgun:
• Check validity of your emails before sending.
• Including batch system sending feature for personalizing your emails.
• Filter out your spam emails.
• Provides powerful APIs which enable you to send, receive and track email easily.


SendinBlue provides you leverage email and SMS marketing campaigns to inform, engage and convert.
Key features of SendinBlue:
• Send emails and SMS with messages optimized and make sure you for reliable delivery.
• Analyze your performance with details.
• Easy to use and enable you to create emails which help you to sales performance.

Aweber (marketing emails only)

Aweber empowers business to grow up your relationships through marketing campaigns, transactional messaging and marketing automation.
Features of Aweber:
• Optimized your deliverability of your emails.
• Aweber is responsive email provider service.
• Manage your contact list.
• Helps to create your form.
• Including SMS campaigns.

Getresponse (marketing emails only)

Getresponse create spectacular landing pages with product descriptions. Send automatic updates about new arrivals and alert you when the product is out of stock.
Features of Getresponse:
• Getresponse using web forms to invite your visitor to subscribe to seasonal promotions.
• Publish your landing page and offers on facebook about your e-commerce website.
• You can watch how the number of fans grows into your website.
• Create online survey to solicit feedback from your customers.

Google SMTP

Google SMTP server is free service for anyone who has Gmail account. The user can use this free SMTP server to send emails from your web application.
Features of Google SMTP:
• Use authentication by using this.
• Including secure connection.
• Need to create a Gmail account.
• Need to configure your mail client to use Gmail for outgoing server.


Elastic Email mail provider is a powerful email platform and built with the ground up to send your email more easily.
Features of Elastic Email:
• Show your email contact list.
• Provides customer support for 24 hours.
• Check your emails for spam and gives you a guarantee of email delivery.


Pepipost is popular transactional email provider service and easy to use.
Features of Pepipost:
• Provides API which can utilize or use the tried-and-true method of sending your email through SMTP.
• Including website creation tools and easy to the configuration.
• Optimized highly inbox delivery and gives you guidelines to fight spam.

ActiveTrail (marketing emails only)

You can save your money and eliminate your worries regarding transactional emails by using ActiveTrail.
Features of ActiveTrail:
• You can install as an add-on to your application or website.
• Including long lasting relationships with ISPs, proper management of IP addresses, bounce management and more.
• Reports you to email services solutions.


AuthMailer is a popular and complete service for sending your email to your clients and ensures the security of your emails. They are quickly emerging as a great service provider with a versatile compatibility.
Features of AuthMailer:
• AuthMailer email provider service filters out 99% of spam from your emails.
• Delivers your mail safely to your client’s inbox.
• Travels your data through multiple servers and increasing speed and reliability.

15 Best Transactional Email and Marketing Email Service Providers 2017
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