20+ Best-Reliable Shared, Dedicated, VPS and Cloud Web Hosting Providers of 2017

It is true that sometimes you need the strength of the internet and build your website to go further with your quality. In this age where the internet almost rules the whole universe, you surely need a website to for your growth and sometimes your business’s growth as well. Obviously, this is an excellent process for you if you want to go further with your quality.

Before you choose

There are tons of dedicated and shared hosting servers to host your website. Shared hosting is a good choice for the beginners and for the low traffic sites. If it becomes huge issues and needs more performance and control, then go for Dedicated Hosting. But, dedicated hosting servers are terrifically expensive.

If you are good at server maintenance and wants full control of server – VPS hosting is the best process for you to gather all the components with an affordable price. It is not that much cheap as the shared connections, but it is unbelievably affordable if you check its price out and compare it with dedicated hosting servers.

The customer reviews of the last year about VPS Web Hosting companies were magnificent, and as this process is significantly cheap compared to the quality, it provides that’s why the use of this process has been increasing each and every day. But, if you are not good at DevOps or server management unmanaged VPS is not for you. In that case, you can go for managed VPS.

Today, we are here to share some of the Best Reliable Shared, Dedicated, VPS and Cloud Web Hosting Provider’s review to make your decision making about choosing a perfect web hosting provider for your web project much easier.

Best Shared and Dedicated Web Hosting Providers

Business Class holding plans are included in shared hosting. It’s a hosting process where there will be tons of sites which are not even related to a single server but is extremely cheap. Oftentimes, it becomes a huge problem for you when a lot of sites come to a single link and is hard to handle as well. Dedicated hosting is the really expensive but this site has only one site on a single server. It will allow you to customize in various ways as well, unlike shared connection.
Eventually, there has been a quite number of web hosting providers in the queue and all of them are doing good but if you ask me to choose few from them I will select these web hosting providers:


It is another source which is built by the Endurance International Group. This group is the most famous one of the market. SiteGround is one of their rivals at this moment and they are both of same quality. However, they provide you all the services and they also return the money if you don’t find the website they build for you interesting.



It is one of the companies which has been in this business for a really long time and they do provide you all of the services. They craft your website with really good care. Blue Host is another company and known as this company’s rival.



It is one of the best web hosting companies out there as they provide you all kind of services, including business hosting and all the others. Their number 1 support team controls more than 27000 customers now which can actually make you understand how good they are at this moment.



1&1 is a famous cheap company which is founded in Germany and now they have customers all over the entire world. 1&1 provides you almost all the services with professional quality and the features you are going to get from this company are magnificent. They are reliable too.




They are a reliable, friendly and customer caring source. However, when you enter their website you can see 3 plans which they will provide you and you can select any one of them. Their customer care is quite good and they provide you all the services including business and resellers.



It is one of the famous web hosting providers of the last year. They provide not only VPS but also dedicated and shared websites. This company was founded by the genius Bob Parson. This company is obviously one of the oldest companies of this kind which is something to be proud of. It is a fast, reliable and a scalable source for you and the best part is the components they provide can be highly customized.



It’s a company situated in the United States, they provide you all the facilities including WordPress Hosting. Media Temple is definitely one of the most reliable and fast companies until now and if you ask me my personal favorite, I would say that this company is one of my personal favorites.



Fatcow is quite new to the market but they are developing in a fast way. They provide shared and dedicated hosting both which is an astounding thing and on the other hand they have got an efficiently experience team to guide you with.



It is one of the oldest companies till now which provides all kind of domain. They will give all they have to assist you with a simply used site. Overall, they charge really less and provides good quality.


NameCheap Hosting

The name of this company says about the company’s specialty. It is a company which mainly focusses on the affordability and is magnificent at their job. They provide you all the services including dedicated servers and they are pretty good at it. It’s a reliable company and you can trust them.


Hostagor is an American company which was founded in 2002 and the CEO of this company is Adam Farrar. It provides all kind of servers, shared, resellers and also virtual private ones. Their parent company is also a quite famous one, it is Endurance International Group.


Best VPS and Cloud Web Hosting Providers

Coming to the VPS Hosting, it is a magnificent way of getting a web hosting at a lower cost. It almost provides all the components which you will be finding on a dedicated server but the money you will have to spend is low. You are going to have the full access on this hosting which is a great thing. You can easily modify. Overall, when you can’t afford the dedicated hosting you can actually go for VPS. Some people also call it Virtual Dedicated Server, it is that good!

There’s a difference between shared, dedicated and VPS Webhosting. Dedicated ones are extremely expensive and of high quality, whereas the ones which are shared are really cheap compared to the dedicated ones but are of low quality and the ones of VPS are really good but is not as cheap as shared lines but a bit higher price.

The list of few popular and best VPS Web Hosting Providers is given bellow for your information-

Amazon Web Services

Amazon web service’s EC2 VPS is great choice for large-scale web apps and high-traffic websites. However, amazon web service is a really famous company and as you can understand their parent company is Amazon.inc.



This company is one of the first cloud hosting companies which came to light in the fall of 2013 and is recognized as the best web hosting provider amongst all the web hosting providers there are. The year before last year, DigitalOcean was the second best web hosting providers, it is still in the top ten by the way



Linode is a virtual private server provider which was started in the United States. Christopher Aker, the talented CEO and his team of only 70 people are gradually rising up each and every day. It’s a quite si and Smple, powerful and a reliable source for you to get a domain on the internet.


Microsoft Azure

As you can understand that their parent company is Microsoft Corporation I can guess that you can understand that this is a magnificent source for you. However, they only provide you VPS hosting servers but they are magnificently great with the quality.



This company is a quite famous VPS hosting provider and also was one of the leading cloud providing companies on the internet the last year. They’re really assisting and cheap on the other hand.


Google Cloud Platform

Google is the parent company of this source. However, they only provide you VPS web servers. Fast, reliable and quality are the 3 words to describe their performance. Google Cloud Platform is one of the fastest growing companies now.



Heroku is VPS hosting provider and is not that much famous at this moment but is really potential. It has been three years since they started. They are upgrading each and every day and on they also provide you 24/7 ops and security.


It’s one of the cheapest VPS hosting server provider of the market. They’ve got 3 choices one is Linux VPS another one is Premium VPS and the last one is Windows VPS, you can go for any one of them. They are doing a magnificent job.



RamNode only provides you VPS hosting servers with really great features. Their performance is quite good, they provide you a really good CPU and last but not the least, it’s their 24/7th support which people appreciate.


I’ve listed the top 20 companies which are really great website hosting providers based on quality and service. FIY,  all of them really have good customer reviews and provides fanatic customer support.

20+ Best-Reliable Shared, Dedicated, VPS and Cloud Web Hosting Providers of 2017
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